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by gdommy

Absolutely stunning scenery. The little medieval town is charming and good for aimlessly walking around, shopping, eating. We hiked up 4,000 feet above town to the Kotor Fortress for the most unbelievable views I’ve ever seen. I’m glad we did it first thing in the morning before it got too hot. It wasn’t too difficult but not a beginners walk either. The town itself is a short 100 yard walk from the cruise dock, the locals were friendly and English-speaking. The cruise in/out of Kotor Bay is so worth waking up early for and/or staying out on the pool deck after to enjoy the views.


by Cruise1st

You must, must must watch the ship sail in to this port, stunning. The tender process for us was quick, the town it's self is old with little churches, usual tourist type shops. Enjoy the culture


by StarGazer3542

My table mates and I shared a cab tour that was available off ship. The driver took us to a scenic outlook that gave us a spectacular view. When then went on a scenic drive to Persat. Our driver stopped there and offered us a trip on a boat (5 euros each) to the lady of the rock island. We went and loved it! The ride was smooth and the church a neat little place. We then had time on our own and we explored the small town. After he took us back to the port. We then went into Kotor via the North Sea gate. We walked along the little streets and ended up at this cafe across from the Nautical Museum. The cafe had the most delicious hand made freshly baked bread which we paired with mozzarella and tomatoes with oil. For a quirky stop we went to the cat museum (1 euro) and Georgia bought a wonderful little bag at a nearby store. (Side note: most places only took cash) After a great day in port I went on deck to watch us sail away. The view is not to be missed especially as the sun begins to set.


by Raymondo123

Absolutely loved this port. Everything is within walking distance so no need for an excursion. I can recommend doing the steps up to the old church. Burns off a lot of calories and shakes off the hangover from the night before lol


by philcole

After sailing through the Adriatic version of the fiords we arrived at the place where the ship dropped anchor and took a tender boat to the jetty. It was a short walk into Kotor old town. A beautiful place full of meandering streets with very old buildings. The castle is worth a visit if you can manage the steep walk up to the entrance. Not a walk to be done in the heat of the summer though. There are plenty of places to visit in Kotor. We were however disappointed with a trip out to see an ancient mosaic about an hour drive from Kotor . Although the scenery was fantastic the mosaic was a big disappointment. What looked quite sizeable in the brochure turned out to be about a foot square! Overall a lovely place to visit and we could have spent a lot more time in Kotor. Get you picture taken sitting on the oversized chair just outside the town walls!


by alexia9899

Plans changed for us here. We had a scheduled excursion that I booked on my own. We intended to do a speed boat tour that would take us to the blue cave, mamula fortress,our lady of the rock & perast. To begin with we went out on deck at 5am to watch the sail into Kotor. I am so glad I did this. It was absolutely beautiful. Words don't do it justice. We arrived in port at 7am. It was cold and I had second thoughts about the boat tour with my 5 yr old and my mother. So we cancelled and decided to just have a relaxed breakfast and the get off the ship. We were fortunate to have docked in port and not have to tender. We entered the gated city to A beautiful medieval town. We just wondered around and looking at all the sites, churches and shops. Even though what we planned changed and made me a bit sad, it still turned out to be a wonderful day filled with adventure. Don't miss the sail in and out. It's stunning!!


by Calel41

Follow everyone else's advice and get up early to see the sail-in first hand. Absolutely amazing geography on the way into port. Did not do an excursion here either but was extremely impressed with the charming and beautiful walled old-town, It has a much more lived-in feeling than Dubrovnik. Great market right outside the walls as well.

Visited: Jul 26, 2019

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