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by DrMark

The city was back..there might have been areas that were still trying to come back to pre-hurricane but I wouldn't have known. There are the very local genuine/authentic artists that have their spaces going up the hill just outside the plaza.....THEY ARE ALL SUCH AMAZING ARTISTS. Not the ones near the port though...they are more like carnival vendors. Go up the hill outside of Starbucks that open area and you will experience the arts like you need to experience them. Starbucks didn't have an acceptable WiFi. FOOD -- GLORIOUS PUERTO RICAN FOOD....Go just over the first plaza and into the food court...WAY IN THE BACK IS "GRANDMA'S" YOU NEED TO WALK BACK..the banos are just to the right of her....THIS FOOD IS REAL AUTHENTIC AND CHEAP...GREAT FOOD...SAMPLES ARE GIVEN.

Visited: Nov 25, 2017

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by Travelgoals

We love Puerto Rico. The people are very loving, friendly, and they’re very humble, happy, content people. The foods are delicious. Make sure to visit the fortress El Morro, & the rainforest. We went horseback riding in the forest, Carabali, that was best ever, pure tranquility, very peaceful.


by ColoradoKathy

If you're there early and are looking for a good place to have dinner, go to Barrachina Restaurant! We ate there twice and it was delicious! They claim to have invented the Pina Colada :)

Visited: Jun 11, 2017

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by skerley33078866

We love Puerto Rico. This was the 2nd time we had been here with the 1st time being before the hurricane last year. We have thought about moving here when we retire and wanted to see more of the island. We were pleased to hear that the island now has 100% electricity again. We will definately be back here.

Visited: Aug 25, 2018

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by maiyalee

We did not go with a tour offered by celebrity, instead we hopped off the ship and went with happy tours city tour for 15 dollars each. Was supposed to be an hour tour but our driver spent over two hours driving us around. We loved it.

Visited: Jun 23, 2018

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by Flounder74

We did not know what to expect, based on the hurricane relief efforts still taking place. Old San Juan was amazing! You would never know that they suffered severe hurricane damage a few months ago! We arrived the day before the cruise and toured the city on our own. The city is easily walkable! We visited Ponce de Leon's tomb at San Juan Bautista Catholic Church. What a beautiful church! From there, we went to the best craft beer bar in Old San Juan - La Taberna Lupulo. Not only do they have an excellent selection of mainland craft beers, they have several local craft brews on tap. The food here was amazing as well! Try the Queso Frita with Guava dipping sauce! It is to die for! El Morro is not to be missed but the gem for us was Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery at the base of El Morro. Walk down the road at the base of the fort, through the tunnel, and you are at the gates of the cemetery. We were amazed at the detail of the statues and gravestones, many suffering hurricane damage late last year. Such a beautiful place despite the damage.

Visited: May 12, 2018

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by radcliff17

So beautiful. Another place I will be returning to. As much husband says I use cruises to test drive places and then if I love it I know I can go back for a land vacation with mon cruising family.

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