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by ee18

FAVORITE PORT I’VE EVER BEEN TO! Adrenaline Beach has free lunch, warm blue water, and first-come-first-serve floaties! So amazing! All the locals help you find your way around, the trolley bus is a LIFESAVER! Saves you almost a mile of walking!! Overall, no complaints and I can’t wait to go back!


by PsychoAndBarb

We love Labadee! It’s one of our favorite ports...It must of been some of my fellow cruisers favorite also. The lines to get off were huge and Harmony forced everyone to use the escalator from deck 3 to 2..The stairs were roped off. A lady in front of us on the escalator got her flip flop and leg caught in the escalator. She was screaming and being crushed by the crowd coming down the escalator...People were screaming to have the escalator shut off. The escalator was shut down and the lady got free without any real injury...I wasn’t so lucky and got my toes stepped on but no real damage. In our past experience, RCCL has had personal stationed at the top of the escalator controlling the flow of people and we thought it was a bad ideal to block off the stairs. After our escape from the Harmony...We hurried to our favorite beach...Nellies. We were the first ones there and grabbed our favorite spots under the palm tree and close to the bar! The water was very clear...Clearer then we’ve seen for awhile. We spent most of the day in the water till lunch. As many times as we’ve been to Labadee...We have never seen the lunch lines so long. Not sure if everyone decided to use this lunch location or what...We waited about 25 minuets in line. We did see one beautiful young lady in a skimpy bathing suit go through the long line THREE times before we got thru😂 We went back to the ship about 4 Pm. Tried to see where the new zip line was going to be built but couldn’t tell. Asked a few employees and got different answers so who knows😡



This was my second time visiting Labadee and I absolutely love this port. It is an absolutely beautiful port and offers plenty of extra activities to enjoy. We purchased All-Day tickets for the Dragons Tail Coaster, which is great fun and offers amazing views of the island and ship. When purchasing excursions for Labadee, wait until Royal Caribbean offers their up to 30% off excursions sale, which they have been running frequently. We also reserved the covered beach chairs for 2, which is a GREAT investment for the day. You get 2 covered beach chairs with a table on your own private section of one of the beaches. The BBQ lunch buffet on the island is delicious. I know some people have commented on the time at the port being too long. Personally, I can't get enough of Labadee because it is so beautiful, relaxing, and offers a lot of excursions for a private destination. In my opinion, Royal Caribbean has hit homeruns with both Labadee and Coco Cay. They are probably my 2 favorite Caribbean ports to go to.


by Vardry

Labadee absolutely exceeded our expectations. We ventured to Columbus Cove to just sit and relax. The food was good and the service was GREAT and the scenery was unbelievable!


by pcdj08

Best Port! Can even begin to describe how wonderful this whole island is. The Historical Tour is a must!!! They want to expand the tour, can't wait to see what it's like next time. Loved every minute here.


by jshea

I absolutely LOVE this port! I would stop here on every cruise if I could. This time we rented an over the water cabana on Nellie's Beach and it was worth EVERY penny! I will be booking a cabana again in 2019.


by Girlsmom

No need for excursion here , the beach is nice , lots of seating, wet and splash for the kids and lots of food , nice native bands all around , thank you royal Caribbean

Visited: Aug 27, 2017

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by Benfield18

Loved this day off ship. We walked to “Columbus Cove”. The kids complained about the walk but it really was not bad! The beach monitor set us up an area partly in the shade because we had a toddler, we tipped a few dollars. The ocean was beautiful as was the surrounding scenery! The lunch provided by RC was perfect for a day at the beach and VERY organized. We did not fraternize with the local vendors so I can not comment or complain about the “pushiness” frequently read about. The kids decided they wanted to do the water activity, it was an easy inexpensive purchase using your seapass card, around $25. We also rented a float for around $20 using seapass card. Back to ship we took the tram, free! This was by far my FAVORITE port for a beach day!

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