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by cblank

FYI the green umbrellas with blue chairs are FREE! All other umbrellas are run by con artists charging 20-30 dollars per umbrella! Stay away from anyone asking if you need an umbrella.


by SeaLaVie

Our original plan to rent a Jeep or golf cart and explore the island got derailed so we had another beach day instead. We grabbed a few lounges by the water and hopped in with our snorkel gear and spent the day finding all kinds of neat fish. Walked around the shops a bit and then headed to Jack's Shack for a late lunch. Food there was good, Topher is just as sweet as everyone says and our taxi driver that took us back to port (we were all to exhausted at this point to walk back) was one of the nicest people ever!


by mrsmiles1999

One of my favorite ports. We did not do an excursion, just went straight to Margarittaville. Word of caution: as soon as you go towards the beach area, you will be bombarded with people asking you if you want an umbrella. The guy that came up to us said $50 for 5 chairs and 2 umbrellas. I am thrifty (and suspicious), so before my husband paid, I asked a security guard. The dark green umbrellas that say "Grand Turk Cruise Center" are free! Pool was great as usual, beach was a little seaweedy this time around, but still great water.

Visited: Jul 31, 2018

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by aubrav

I was so impressed with this port. The boat parked right on the beach which was made of the clearest water I've ever seen. The beach was lined with free lounge chairs and umbrellas specifically for cruise passengers. There was also a Margaritaville right on the beach with a huge resort-style public pool/party pool for everyone to use. We spent hours "snorkeling" in the water and seeing all kinds of fish, and then we moved to the pool to kind of wash off the sand and salt and wind down our day. We watched some pool dances and listened to the DJ and even got a drink at the swim up bar (we got the kids a virgin daquiri and a shirley temple as well because the pool was family friendly). There were also a few shops, pretty much the same stuff as was found at every other port, but everything was most expensive here. They did have a Harley Davidson and don't let the craft market fool you, they're not anything but the same souvenirs in the regular stores. I was so impressed with this port but don't wait too long to get back on the ship or you will end up in a huge line.

Visited: Oct 07, 2018

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by FunShipLover

Forget that overpriced crappy Margaritaville, Head down to Jacks Shack and get the best jerk chicken on the planet. Also go and hang out with Topher (super cool famous dog) best things in GT.


by Shooey

This was the last port on my cruise and it was the perfect place to end our adventure. The beach and Margaritaville are right off the pier so you don’t need a excursion unless there is something you really want to try. Green umbrellas are free to use, everything else you do have to pay for. Walk down to Jack’s Shack if you are looking for some good Jerk Chicken. You can also play with Topher the dog.

by LovingCarnival

We've done the tours and suggest them anyway.On our second or third visit grab a beach chair or head to Margaritaville and it's free resort style pool that is a mere 5 minute walk from the ship. Free wi-fi at Margaritaville if you ask the waiter for the password and order a drink.

Visited: Feb 03, 2017

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