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by CNev122

Loved Ocho Rios! We climbed Dunns River Falls and it was amazing! Definitely a must do. The vendors as you're leaving can be pretty aggressive, but just keep walking and give a firm no thank you. Afterward, we drove to Reggae Hill where we were served a welcome drink, Rum Punch (it was strong so be prepared lol), Jamaican Mimosas, Red Stripe Beer, Jerk Chicken, Jerk Chicken Spring Rolls, and a bunch of other food. Theres a nice river you can wade in, with a few tire swings above the river. DJ, live music and dancing. You can also buy souvenirs there if youd like. I personally think you should do it there, since it all goes to the people that are selling it and no kickbacks. After Reggae Hill, we were brought to a store for souvenirs.. Its more expensive than Reggae Hill, so something to keep in mind. Overall I absolutely loved Jamaica. We took down our tour guide and drivers # for the next time we are there. Would definitely love to go back. The people were so friendly and know how to have a good time.


by McFluffin

Beautiful port of call. Went on a he Celebrity Century out of Port Everglades in 1998. At that time as soon as you got off the ship the women around the ship would try and sell everyone dreadlocks (didn't matter if you were a man or woman). The beaches were amazing, Dunns River Falls was so much fun. We decided to get an all day cab driver (cost us like $50), his name was Vince I think. He drove a Lada 2103/2015. He took us all over. A friend of my moms bought some super potent liquor called Devils Soup (was like 180-190 proof), highly recommended to make your anal passages bleed. You will have more fun eating sugarless gummy bears from amazon.


by angeltom

We did the atv excursion. I highly recommend it! The people who ran it were very friendly, they took us to some beautiful spots to view the ocean, we jumped sand dunes and took us to a spot where u can cliff dive into the beautiful blue waters. I didn't do that part cuz I was too chicken, lol. We had such a great day😊🌸


by steve197

We did a excursion here: bamboo rafting on a river.. it was amazing! So relaxing and so friendly people.. I enjoyed my time in Jamaica and will never forget it 😀


by Gigifiddypoo

This port was lovely . I enjoyed the shopping and the sight seeing I was able to do an excursion. Resort for a day. It waa cloudy but very warm. I loved it


by CheyNickole

All time favorite port. Got an awesome Taxi driver who took us to eat the BEST jerk chicken right out of someone's home, to see a local artist, and to smoke local smoke at a secluded freshwater waterfall right on the beach with locals playing music on the cliff above us!


by sbaire

We did an amazing zipline tour. It was a private tour and way out in the middle of nowhere. It was kind of sketchy getting out there and was getting nervous at one point. But it end up being amazing once we got there. the sites that I got to see once doing the zipline was a once-in-a-lifetime type situation. Simply amazing.


by jennvincent

For me, I hope this will be the one and only time I step foot on this beautiful island. The locals are way too sketchy and made me feel completely uncomfortable and unsafe. We did the Dunn river falls excursion were you climb up the water and we had fun and enjoyed that part but getting to and from the excursion was an experience I rather not have to ever deal with again

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