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by tsmaggio

My favorite port. Stingray city with the barrier reef snorkel was awesome. Highly recommend this shore excursion. I can't wait to do it again. The town was very clean.


by Sampa

Absolutely LOVED this place!! Royal Palm Beach was amazing... We paid $3pp for transportation and $2pp to enter the beach. However, if it's a small group you can actually walk. A few of us walked back to take in the views and meet some locals. I definitely will return to have more time there. The kids enjoyed jet skiing the adults enjoyed the beautiful beach... and the food was delicious! Shopping was also great and reasonable...


by Pink81

This place is by far the cleanest port and area I've been to. We decided to not do an excursion. We walked about 15min to a gorgeous beach!!! Was really no need to spend money on an excursion. Kids had a blast.


by PrioritySail

Easiest port I've been to for walking around and self-guiding about, except maybe Nassau, Bar Harbor, Cozumel and the Inside Passage towns in Alaska. George Town seemed like a lot of Florida beach towns I've visited except for the driving on wrong side of street part. We did the "Atlantis Submarine Adventure" shore excursion that Princess offered ($99.95 for 90 minutes) and loved it. I always do shore excursions offered by the ship--love the "we will wait for you, just in case" promise they have. The Atlantis people were very organized and professional. I was a little nervous about the entry ladder down into the submarine, but it was not difficult like I thought it might be. The sub itself was cool (temperature) with roomy seats, individual large portholes which came with a laminated color sheet hanging by each window to help you identify all the fish and creatures you might see on your journey. Handy hint: be the last in line to climb aboard the sub and you will get to sit right up front by the captain/pilot where you can see everything through his HUGE window at the front of the sub and all his controls, too. Plus had a little extra room there. Surprised it was not stuffy or claustrophobic at all. Reef was beautiful at 100 feet deep and the ride went too quickly. Saw lots of reef life, schools of fish and a sea turtle who came swimming toward us and then disappeared under our side of the sub. Even though it was a bit pricey, I would do it again. Hey, where else can you ride in a real submarine, dive a 100 feet and "be up close and personal" with such beautiful marine life? Well, maybe Disneyland, but that's not real! This excursion was definitely one you could arrange yourself in George Town. Atlantis' location is only a 5-8 minute walk from the pier where the ship's tender drops you off when you arrive. Not much danger of missing the ship doing that. The main drag in George Town is loaded with jewelry stores, souvenir shops and eating places. Try a "spicy beef patty" from a local vendor--a beef mixture in a fried empanada/turnover crust. They are apparently "big" in the Caribbean and delicious! There is a Hard Rock Cafe right along that main drag that makes a mean virgin Mohito. Sure was refreshing after walking around in the heat and humidity! Learned that the Cayman Islands were named after the "caiman" that abounded there when the islands were first discovered. They are smaller than a crocodile or alligator, can live in salt or fresh water and are the most aggressive of the three. They are good eating, so they disappeared almost completely after the islands became more inhabited!

Visited: Mar 30, 2019

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by MrsPope14

We visited Grand Cayman on August 17th and had a wonderful time. We have visited Grand Cayman several times before and it always has been, and will continue to be my favorite island. This island is so beautiful and clean, and just feels very safe and welcoming. There is a little shopping area at the port and several more shops and restaurants up an down the Main Street right outside the port area. My husband always has to visit the Harley shop here. We booked an excursion with Captain Mario and crew. The day we arrived it was cloudy and raining just a little. When Captain Mario picked us up he gave us the option to cancel because the water was a little choppy but we chose to go ahead. He also told us when we got out into the ocean the rain would be going away. He was right, nothing but sunshine and beautiful weather while in the distance you could see our cruise ship getting drowned by the rain storm! We went to Starfish Island, Stingray City Sandbar and snorkeling on our excursion. You can really tell how much Captain Mario and his crew loved and cared for their island and all of the sea creatures we visited that day. Going to Stingray City has always been one of my favorite excursions and this time it was even better with Captain Mario. It’s amazing to see the stingrays out in the open ocean like that and they are just as friendly as they can be. Truly amazing creatures, don’t be afraid! We had an amazing time on our excursion and visiting the Grand Cayman. As always, I can’t wait to go back!

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