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by marvelmates

Grand Cayman is beautiful! I hadn't booked any excursion because I wanted a full beach day. We got on a bus right at the port, took us to 7mile beach/Calico Jacks. I believe it was $8 per person. It was Election Day there which they take very seriously so there was no alcohol served on the island. I'm not a big drinker so I didn't mind too much. We had a coconut milk and some Jerk Chicken from a food truck because Calico Jacks wasn't serving food either. We rented 2 chairs and two umbrellas for $5 each. The water is crystal clear and the sand is white. We played in the water and soaked up the sun most of the day. There were guys renting jet skis, and I saw some paddle boarders as well. We left when some of the local vendors got in a dispute about money and the police showed up. We needed to get back to the Ship anyway. We caught the bus back, really enjoyed our beach day! I would love to visit Grand Cayman again.


by charleenacousar

Loved it. We did a $20 tour of the island which included stops at Hell, The Tortuga Rum Cake Factory, Dolphin Discovery and 7 Mile Beach. We then walked over to Margaritaville and had a blast. **Tip** White Hennessey was $40 at the Rum Cake Factory. Cheapest we've ever seen it.


by momcruiser5

Grand Cayman was the main reason we chose this cruise. We had heard the land, people, and water was beautiful and couldn’t wait to see it. We arrived to a very cloudy sky and it started pouring as soon as we got on the tender boat. We had reserved a cabana at Royal Palms with another couple. We all decided to stick it out because it’s vacation! We sat in the cabana surrounded by rain for 2 hours, venturing out a bit when it wasn’t pouring. We finally gave up and as we were just about to exit when the rain stopped and the clouds started parting. So we went back to the cabana and headed for the water! We had so much fun playing in the big waves and laughed so much! Our friend got pretty beat up by the waves so after eating a delicious lunch of sirachi fries, jerk chicken and beans & rice, we went to settle our bill. Because I like to get an idea of what things cost at port, I’ll tell you we had 5 drinks, lunch and the cabana rental and our total was $240 US dollars. It was a bit shocking but I guess that’s ok. Playing in the water was worth it! We went into a few stores at port, bought some rum cake & rum turtles and went back to the ship. Be warned...the sand will stick to you for days and the tender ride back is filled with some colorful intoxicated people. 😉. We had a lot of fun despite the weather. My advice is to just enjoy whatever comes your way! A rainy day in Grand Cayman is better than a sunny day at work!


by Ryan1071

LOVE LOVE LOVE Grand Cayman! We spent the time at seven mile beach and had a wonderful chat with one of the bus drivers who gave us a very detailed history of the island. Have you ever heard the phrase “nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there?” This is one place you would want to live!


by Jmcilrath

Grand Cayman is one of our favorite ports. Beautiful water and some of the best beaches. Lots of great excursions. The whole island has a great feel to it that lets your know you are in the heart of the Caribbean.


by cruiseluv

Loved Stingray City so much. It was the most amazing thing I've ever done. When my travel partner first told me she wanted to get into water with wild animals that had sting in their name-I thought she was cra-cra. But, I loved it and would highly recommend it for everyone. 🐠🐠


by swilliam89

We just headed to 7 mile beach here. The beach and water was breathtaking. After a few hours, we went shopping. The shopping here is definitely the best for this cruise. Had a blast...


by lhsut

7 Mile Beach is AMAZING! It’s the best beach I’ve ever been on! The water is so clear and gorgeous. We rented a chair and umbrella it was definitely worth it!

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