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by Ricardo72

Cozumel is so awesome! Beautiful people and always so welcoming when we arrive in Mexico! We love coming to mr. Sanchos they have great service and we love their beach set up. And their swimming pool with the swings and swim up bar. And all inclusive ! Love their ceviche 🐠! We always leave with a smile! I wish I lived by a beach like mexicos beaches. Beautiful!


by drussrf

My husband & I loved Mr. Sancho’s! I highly recommend getting a massage on the beach! All you can eat/drink can’t be beat for the price! Looking forward to going again!


by LisaFoxSigmon

We loved Cozumel! Beautiful!! We were on a graduation trip for my daughter and she has always wanted to swim with Dolphins so was did the Dolphin Discovery VIP package directly through their website and got it for a third of what the excursion packages and cruise line were offering! Do a chat session with a online rep and they will give it even cheaper than listed! Pictures are pricey but because we got the encounter so cheap we were able to get all the pictures and still spent less then we expected per person. Included buffet and drinks for the day plus everything else they offered there. Manatees, sea lions, snorkeling, pool, beach area etc. We got a taxi for all 4 of us under $20 and they gave us a voucher for taxi back to port when we bought pictures! Definitely recommend! We had a great time & memories that will last forever!


by momcruiser5

Oh Cozumel! How we love you! This is our favorite port because it’s so easy to get off. We decided to venture out & explore the city. A friend of friend helped us secure a taxi with someone they knew on the island and we had a driver & taxi all day. We were so excited! We asked him to show us “real” Cozumel and he did not disappoint. We went to a local flea market first and bought vanilla & cocoa. He showed us the rich area, and the poorer areas. It was very humbling. We visited a neighborhood Catholic Church. He then took us to a $5 tequila & chocolate tour which we really enjoyed. You get a free drink and you can taste the tequila and chocolate. (And buy of course!) From there we drove the back of the island which is now our favorite place ever! There’s no electricity on this side which adds to the beauty. We visited Coconuts and just took some quick pictures because it was crowded with people. He then showed us the free, public beaches which are breathtaking. We visited the lighthouse, and climbed to the top and saw a spectacular view. After that we ate at one of the local beach clubs and just enjoyed the view. It was then time to head back to the ship until we return to this little paradise! If you would like our taxi drivers info, let me know!


by BeachDove98

After a long time awaiting Cozumel day, we were finally able to try out the famous Mr. Sancho's. It's definitely all it's hyped up to be. Food is delicious, drinks are amazing, water is beautiful, and the service is outstanding. We were slightly disappointed because we weren't taken to a table like we thought we would be, and we couldn't find a spot because most of the good tables were full. However, our wonderful waiter, Roman, approached us and grabbed a table and some chairs and made us a perfect spot. Everything was amazing, and I'd definitely love to come back. It was the ultimate relaxation we needed.


by Brian532

Paradise Beach was incredibly affordable at $3.00 per person and the request to purchase only $10 of food or beverage. It was as nice as any excursion and was extremely well-kept and clean.

Visited: Mar 05, 2017

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by BobbyPatton

We LOVE PARADISE BEACH - EVERYONE says to go to Mr.Sanchos but I will tell you that we aren’t huge drinkers and it’s only $3 yes THREE DOLLARS to enter and the food and drink is very reasonably priced - and the resort is absolutely breathtaking! Do yourself a favor and try it out !

Visited: Oct 20, 2018

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by jennblake

This was our favorite port. We walked right off the port and there was plenty of shopping and places to eat. We got a taxi and the driver gave us a tour of the island, then we went to the beach and our driver, Miguel, waited for us. When it was time to go, Miguel came and let us know that it was time to head to the ship!

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