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by PaulzyJC

At first I felt like a tourist in my own country. But I like Key west it feels so much like Santa Monica or Venice Beach! I enjoyed the walking tour and my first time there I went to the aquarium and pirate museum and Wrecker Tower.


by SoSoTravels

I love key west! The key lime shop... 😂😂😂 I spent $65. I will definitely just fly in to visit key west. The ppl are very welcoming. The building are so beautiful.


by Bruschii

The n our third visit to key west we loved it. Did the same thing we have done every other time and get some drinks and walk around and enjoy the town. Did some shopping as well. We docked early in the morning before much of the town had woken up yet so the wife and I went out two times, one in the morning to enjoy it being peaceful, then went back to the shop, napped, ate breakfast, then went back into port and enjoyed the vibrancy of key west.

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