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The ship cruises Glacier Bay. You do not get off the ship. I mention this because some cruisers thought the ship docked somewhere along the way. Glacier Bay is beautiful and you see numerous glaciers and ice fields. You will want to be on an open deck so make sure you take a warm jacket, hat and lightweight gloves. At the bigger glaciers the ship will stay in place but turn so each side of the ship can see the glacier.


Absolutely the highlight of the trip. The view of the glacier is awesome. Starts with the view from the port side ( left side ) of the ship. If you're in a balcony room on the right side. Go to the front of the ship. when the boat turns 180° Go to your room, that way you get the whole 1 hour view. You definitely don't want to miss this.


Was too wonderful for words. Absolutely beautiful. The colors were beyond description. Loved the commentary by the naturalist onboard the ship. Very informative. The captain did a great job of getting everyone on the ship a great view of the glacier. We were able to see large portions of the glacier falling into the ocean.


Unbelievable how beautiful this place is! Make sure you don't miss a minute of the cruise through the national park. It's is incredible!! Would love to go back here!


We got a balcony room so we could enjoy these majestic pieces of God's handiwork all day long in our own little space, all while still hearing the Park Ranger's commentary. Not enough words to describe the amazing beauty of these glaciers!

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