Time to email the CDC

Hello fellow cruisers, The US Gov't and the CDC in particular have gone power hungry. With millions receiving the Covid-19 vaccine it is time to remove the restrictions on Cruise travel. I am encouraging all of you to send an email to the CDC and make your voices heard. Flooding them with angry emails is the only way we will get them off of their power hungry butts and let us be free to make our own choices as FREE adults. Let me know what you think.

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CLIA has a link so you can petition your Congressional reps also.

I don't know about that. There are still risks even with vaccines.

What CDC e-mail address do you send to?

Well now.


It may be useful to email them now that Congress is getting involved. Not only the CDC but also your congressional delegation. The more pressure the better.

OK...I read it....it begs the question of who's in charge here? and what side of the aisle they're on...and just how much support those handful are likely to get. Anybody remember what the mechanics are for getting a bill passed...civics 101..and some kind of committee to draft something or other?.........July 4 eh? want to bet?? and who are you and what have you done with ABLEMAN?


I know that no bill is going to be passed. When it comes to creating legislation the term "sausage making" is an insult to sausage makers everywhere. IMHO it's more akin to working in a waste disposal plant.

I'm talking about applying pressure. I'm finally starting to see some being applied and small cracks appearing in the CDC's wall. Now is the time to ramp it up. This issue likely isn't even a blip on most legislatures radar. All we have at our disposal is our voices. May as well put them to work. In todays political climate you can get more accomplished with a loud voice, a megaphone, and a video feed.

And no, I don't think a July 2 start date will happen, but if you demand July and settle for September, you're still ahead of the entities who want to keep the CSO and other restrictions in place until November.

Excellent points, some logic in there......well....sort of....someone (who shall go nameless) once suggested to stop the spread just stop testing...the bottom drops out of the numbers, et voila! all fixed!!!! course I'll take SEP too, as opposed to NOV...(when my next one is booked) not counting the latest "surge"...once upon a time I actually wound up as a guinea pig to political claptrap and expedience...I just didn't know it at the time...now, its a more than few years later, and unfortunately, I understand more...and resent more, and more quickly....it seems our elected pooh-bahs have gebillions...(nah too small to pay attention to) actually its TRILLIONS to fool with...repaint 112,367 bridges or somesuch...I suspect you're sliding into the "hopeful camp"....and here I thought you were a professional cynic...a kindred spirit even...hehehehehe

I'm still curious on how we apply pressure. Through what communication mechanism and what are the steps? You know when we want our voices to be heard in our area there is a website people can go to and fill out a form that sends the info to key folks who are the decision makers. I'm curious if a cruise page like that exists.

Probably is, but all it does is make it easier for "them" to ignore...used to be there'd be a big show when some poohbah had a hundred sacks of mail (real mail) delivered to their offices..especially when they wanted to use it to justify voting for or against something. "THE CONSTITUENTS HAVE SPOKEN!", or some such..., NOW fill out an online form from the comfort of your own KB..hit send, , and click...they can make all go away....

Naw, not hopeful anymore. My June cruise got cancelled so I have no skin in the game at this time. I'm actually pissed off, and I want the cushy politicians and bureaucrats to hear some noise. It may not change anything, but at least we won't be the only ones enduring all the aggravation. Besides, isn't that part of their job description anyway. May as well offer them the semblance of earning their paychecks. And if it ends up doing some good, so much the better.


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