Yeh I know, its all subject to change, seems like daily...and rumors and opines abound, and we have to wait and see...but...fine...some folks will have all, one, or no shots, and can or can't prove it....and some folks will get tested, and be negative, and can or can't get a piece of paper or something online to prove it....and it appears there may be tens of thousands of bookings already made for 2021 or 2022...IF the cruise lines are to be believed......

NOW matter what they say, (at the moment) or how they try to notify people, I would bet real money that people being what they are, thousands of peeps will show up at the terminal either without proof of the vaccination and/or being covid-negative within 5 days of sailing....just what do the cruise lines plan to do??? deny thousands of booked customers boarding? I refuse to jump to the conclusion that's what they'll do...there'll be riots at the terminals...its just so easy to say you need this or that, but the devils in the details...and they just don't have any...

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To me this is akin to showing up without proper ID. It is everyone’s responsibility to know what is needed before they travel. I could understand problems with rules that change and/or implemented with less than 1 week’s notice but it is likely that we will have at least one month’s notice about testing or vaccine requirements. it was everyones responsibility to wear a mask. Sure, there are lots of responsible people out there...and at least as many irresponsible, ignorant, mindless or just plain forgetful see them all the time, on board........fortunately our first one in a long time isn't until the end of NOV...other people will be cruising before us (hopefully) so we'll see what happens.....I suspect alot of this is pandering to the CDC to get permission to sail, regardless of the hoops folks have to jump thru to do it.

It is a very large and sticky question. What will constitute proper paperwork to confirm the vaccine? Not all levels of gov in all areas are on the same page with issuing proof of vaccination. And in some areas, like most of Canada the vaccine is not yet available. What about testing? When testing is done who will track and issue these needed certs? Still a lot of questions that need answering prior to policy being in place or in order to put it into place

well said....the gov't (ours, yours, and whatever other entity is issuing some kind of proof of "something") has a loooooong way to go before they decide to fob it off on people paying thousands to cruise....the cruise lines are in business to make $$ and make their stockholders happy...everything else is they can dump yet another poorly thought out plan on paying passengers so the ships can sail...and figure out how to fix it later....

You're correct about all of it Yank. Human nature is what it is. But what alternatives do the cruise lines have? Your argument could be used by the CDC itself to halt cruising until the pandemic is declared to be ended, and only God knows when that would be.

In Europe they are testing upon embarkation. I know the arguments against the rapid swab test as not being as accurate as other more time consuming tests. I'm just stating that's how they're handling it over there. Our CDC probably will frown upon it, but if the lines could get that approved it would insulate them from liability. My opinion is that it will be a very heavy lift to get it approved.

I don't think mandatory vaccinations for passengers will happen until they have a vaccine for people under age 18. Maybe the adult only cruise lines would be able to get away with it, but I can't see the major lines telling parents they can't bring the kids along on their FAMILY VACATION because the tykes haven't been vaccinated. Last I heard a vaccine for anyone under the age of 18 won't be available until late fall. That timeline may have improved, but even so, it just means another delay if passenger vaccines become mandatory.

I agree it's a morass of muck that the lines are wading through trying to figure out how to get the boats back on the ocean. But if they can find some path forward, maybe we'll all be able to enjoy our favorite vacation pastime sooner rater than later.

Interesting line of speculation! As with everything else, time will tell!Surprised

There's rumors of having COVID passports and licenses made which will include proof ov vaccination. I've already been vaccinated and still get tested weekly, so that's merely a formality to get proof.

In the meantime, once everyone in my house gets vaccinated, I'm taking a photocopy of my card and keeping the original with my passport. All the cards will be laminated. I work in a different state, so proof of vaccination may be needed in order for me to get to work.

Totally agree

I mean...I'll take one of each vaccine if it means I can have a GD vacation... Big Smile


There's rumors of having COVID passports and licenses made which will include proof ov vaccination. I've already been vaccinated and still get tested weekly, so that's merely a formality to get proof

Then you're amongst the few who got their shots so easily and get tested weekly by your employer so that its become routine and a "non-event"....most of the rest of the population hasn't been innoculated yet, with no firm idea when they will be either. Theres whole countries to our immediate north and south who have barely started..Most of those of us who have gotten the shots had to jump thru hoops mixed wiith alot of dumb luck and patience to get it. Theres big parts of the country where getting "tested" can become an epic on its own...Clearly cruise lines have an agenda that says they'll do/say ANYTHING to get the CDC to let them sail, the devil with the details....

And I decided to waste some time this am looking up those "rumors" about so-called "covid passports" and such....I won't say its NEVER going to happen, or so unlikely that it might as well be never, but I'm tempted....


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