On our recent RC cruise, we received flyers specifically aimed at B2B cruising. I have not noticed this being actively marketed previously.

The repositioning began in New Orleans. our original departure was out of Boston and the first leg of our trip was 15 days transatlantic and mostly northern Europe ports terminating in Copenhagen.  We spoke to a number of people who started off from NOLA and who planned to stay on through the Fjords trip. The second leg of our trip was a Norway Fjord journey of 7 days (returning to Copenhagen). There was another cruise that covered more of the Baltics including St. Petersburg. Fewer people stayed on for that one but there was still a decent contingent.  

When we booked our trip, it wasn't because of a flyer.  I had simply taken the time to investigate what cruise was subsequent to the Boston transatlantic voyage. Now it appears RC is going to market these opportunities more actively.  If they have been doing this previously, I did not notice. It seems a great chance to extend one's trip to various lengths without committing to a single longer cruise.

What do you think?