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Very impressive....all it means is the cruise lines can now lay off the expense somewhere else, does NOTHING to mitigate the actual risk....In states that prohibit "checking", exactly HOW does ANYONE know if you've been vaxxed, or you're lying to get onboard..In the states that CAN ask, you can have a fraudulent card, or you forgot it..or didn't get the 2nd shot......Or you tell them you got your shots, and then come down with it...then what? I keep asking those questions, here, and other places, and I get alot of non-answers. Nobody's fault, because there are NO acceptable answers..Finally saw some pooh bah woman who said EXACTLY that on a TV news show, Can't remember if she was a bigshot at some med school or SAM...but she must've been Ms. Popularity for raising the obvious. None of it means a thing without national verification...and there NEVER will be....the cruise lines will get to the point where quarantining or putting folks off the ship who are infected as a matter of routine...AND, most importantly, the cruise will continue and nobody cares, or even notices. COVID will never go away, but less and less people will care...up to and including cruiselines...just another day at the office...

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It's getting expensive for travelers these days. Thanks for sharing the article.

Can't speak for everyone...but for those folks who cruise regularly, "the money" is the least of it. There's all kinds of issues as a result of COVID as it relates to cruising, and what gets put out for public consumption begs the question of just how dumb the cruise lines think their paying passengers are.

This article states that if you aren't vaccinated that you have to buy insurance and must prove that you have it to show at check-in. You can buy it from whatever company you choose or you can buy the Carnival Protection Insurance (which is cheap but we will be buying more insurance from another company for other reasons). If you don't have the required docs then you can't board the ship. If you come down with Covid while you are on the ship then you are repatriated back to your home. This has already happened on a few of the cruises on Royal and Celebrity and those individuals were sent home and individuals who were in contact with the infected were tested/retested. Just wondering if you read the whole article. There is no way that we can fully get rid of covid and it's bound to pop up now like the common flu. The cruise lines are trying their best to get ahead of this and protect everyone. How hard do you think it is for the cruise lines to balance safety with liberty/freedom? I think that safety is one of their number one goals because it's good for business whereas an unsafe cruise isn't.

Yes I read the whole article...I always actually read them BEFORE I put them up... and you missed the point...what are the "required documents"??? you mean the shot card that they aren't allowed to even ask about in texas or fla...two states with huge cruise ports? or the insurance you don't have to buy if you simply SAY you've gotten the shot(s)? Don't want to HAVE TO buy insurance? Easy, just tell them you've gotten your shots. Check a box, whatever..The cruise lines aren't balancing safety with anything., let alone "liberty/freedom"...they're "for profit" publicly traded ventures...they'll do ANYTHING they need to do to get afloat again, no matter how useless it may be. All they've managed to do is fix the financial liability on the passengers, instead of themselves. Don't misunderstand, thats not a bad thing either. But all it will lead to is MORE lying than might have occurred anyway.

I wonder how this will all work out. Last I heard (and I could be wrong) was that DeSantis lost the lawsuit and the NCL was going to sue him for not requiring vaccine passports. Again, I could be wrong, so please feel free to correct me if I am.

Dear heart, no......DeSantis and Florida WON in Court...the CDC and its rules re "proving" you got jabbed were thrown out. NCL WANTS to require proof, so they're suing Floridas Surgeon General.....they havent a snowballs again, without physical, verifiable proof of your "claim" you actually got a shot, the WHOLE THING is a huge political dog n pony show. as a NAM vet, I know deep in my heart how easily politicians can get you killed...for their own purposes.

I will always put those words "proving" or "proof" in quotes...because they don't mean squat....anywhere.

I still like the RCL response ... we will not ask you for proof (as we are not allowed) however if you want to show us that you have been vaccinated then there will be minimal restrictions on you ... on the other hand, unless we have seen proof that you are vaccinated you will need regular testing (at your own expense) and you will need to adhere to the limitations and restrictions which those that showed proof are exempt from.

Agreed...they found a loophole, and so could anyone else. The alternative is, at least as far as insurance is concerned is REQUIRE everyone, yes EVERYONE, to buy it, from them or elsewhere, and "PROVE" they have it...theres that pesky word again. So you DON'T buy insurance, and don't get sick, and walk off the ship chuckling about what a superior being you are, and won.....until you lose. I doubt if any of the naysayers ever saw a medical evac outside the CONUS and watch the ambulance sitting at the pier for an hour or so until the medicos from whatever country you were in were assured as to who was going to PAY for your treatment. We have...when we first started cruising we used to debate getting insurance or, we just buy it. no issues, no questions...ought to be that way with vaccinations....have yet to see someone on tv who blew off the shots and then came down with it blow THAT off....

OGW.....notification you posted, but MIA?

I believe you are just required to show proof of insurance. I'm guessing that's just a copy of the insurance information you would get from an outside company. For me buying insurance is just a preventative measure in case something were to happen and we would have to go the medical center on board, be air-flighted to a hospital. I don't know about your personal situation but with kids who are always getting hurt on land it's just a buffer for us. I would rather be prepared because our regular health insurance doesn't cover us anywhere but the U.S. I've got to go back to my stance of that the cruise lines are wanting a safe (or as safe as possible) cruise because otherwise people wouldn't want to cruise with them. (let's agree to disagree) I feel that the financial responsibility should be on the passenger if they get Covid on a cruise. I argue that this is why they are wanting passengers to get insurance. Why should they have to pay for a customer to get home or their medical care if you don't want to get vaccinated or show proof? If that is the case then what if you get Covid at a hotel? Should the hotel pay for you to get home or your medical care when they follow all of the guidelines? I think this is going to be a situation like the flu where it's not going to go away but how we deal with it will change. It's up to you if you want to volunteer that information. I also believe it's up to you to share your vaccination status. All in all, if you don't like it then don't cruise.


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