Newbie questions: bringing a car on a cruise? Dress code? And more...

Hello, I apologize in advance for my long post.

I have recently achieved my financial freedom and decided to go on a worldwide adventure.
My plan, in broad strokes, is as follows:

Drive an RV across Europe for several months.
Take a Transatlantic cruise to the US, and load the RV on the ship.
Drive across US and Canada for several months.
Then, either take a Transatlantic cruise to Europe, load the RV on the ship, drive home and end the trip there,

Or, if my thirst for adventure has not been quenched, take a cruise to Australia and drive across the continent for several months before taking another cruise home with my RV onboard.

Is there a cruise line that has car space? My google searches didn't yield a clear answer if this can be done and how. What are the costs associated with this, if this is even possible at all?

The second question is about the appropriateness of my clothes. It requires a background explanation.

I would like to share that I am on the autistic spectrum, and have OCD (that's the reason I would like to use and take my own RV with me rather than rent one wherever I am).

I'm highly functional, but also extremely specific about the things I own and wear, and how I do things.
The way I dress for example, or choose every single item that I own and use, is by trying every single model of trousers, shirts, socks, glasses, bowls, forks, sheets, cell phones, razor blades, toothbrush, soap etc. etc.

I grade each one based on my own internal scale, and then continue to only ever use the highest scoring model, and only that model, for as long as possible (I buy a large supply of that item if it's not perishable).
With clothes I have learned to include into my score the opinion of a friend or a family member who understands how clothes work for social situations, because I don't.

Therefore the only clothes I currently own are 21 pairs of black Columbia hiking trousers, 48 black Hanes cotton t-shirts, and 17 pairs of black New Balance shoes.
I have never worn anything else in the last 11 years, ever since I left my parents home at 18.
I have never worn dress pants, a tuxedo or a suit, even when negotiating $50 million deals, attending my best friend's wedding, or my grandmother's funeral. I have learned that this can be a source for judgement by some people, and I try to avoid certain events that have very strict dress codes. Just the thought of wearing different clothes makes me extremely uncomfortable and can trigger a panic attack, especially certain colors or fabrics that I don't like, for example just touching Denim, Corduroy, and certain wools makes me nauseous.

I am uncertain and worried about whether my current dress style will be appropriate for the dinners on the cruise, and I would like to hear your opinions.
Thank you for your assistance.

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I have yet to see a cruise line allow you to bring your own RV, and I've been on 19 cruises!

As far as the dress codes, they used to be really strict, to the point where you probably wouldn't have wanted to consider a cruise with your OCD. However, nowadays, cruise lines seem to be loosening up on that rule. There's also plenty of dining options onboard the ship where there's no real strict dress codes.

Thank you for the information.
This probably means it is not possible and I will have to find another arrangement like sending it in a cargo ship separately, or something like that.

When you talk about dining options, what is and what isn't included in the price of the ticket?

Pretty sure that an RV would not fit onto a standard cruise ship however if you looked at booking on a cargo carrier that might work but then you give up the luxuries of the cruise ship. Another alternative thought is that you could still do your trans Atlantic cruises and one across In North America there are a number of places where you can rent an RV.

Right on!

Vehicles of that class are shipped on a different class of ship; however, you can bring motorcycles on certain ships. There are motorcycle themed tours offered on several lines, but very high demand and must be booked a year in advance. They also have fairly limited itineraries.

Very interesting! Thank you for the information!

It seems like the only way to do it would be through an auto shipping company.
It will cost about $1500 per direction, so definitely worth it for a longer trip.

This has been done using a freighter and booking passage on them. Some have decent passenger facilities. Check with your travel agent or the freight carriers directly. There is a carrier in Fiji that is on my bucket list, so there should be others. I would not be to concerned about the dress code on one of these ships. I would also be one heck of an adventure. Good luck in your search.

Regarding Australia - I toured around Australia many years ago with my Girlfriend in an RV. To avoid the expenses of renting or shipping the best way is to just buy an RV when you get there and when you leave just sell it. We sold our RV for almost the same cost as we bought it 6 months later as they are in such high demand. In effect it is free RV Rental - the only cost we had were petrol, food and living expenses. I'm sure this would work for the USA too. I know in Australia some dealers give you a guaranteed buyback price so you know what it is going to cost you - they obviously are in it for the money so they always make on the deal. But if you do a Private Sale (like we did) you can generally sell on at the same price.

If your condition means you have to have an RV exactly like your model maybe you can buy a Brand New Model and sell when the trip is complete in the country purchased. You will lose a larger amount in depreciation but think it far less than in shipping costs both ways.

There are specialty dining restaurants aboard the ship, which will be a separate charge (contact the cruise line to find out what the options and pricing are), The Main Dining Room and the Windjammer (café) will be free.


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