Looks like HAL has discovered a new up charge to nickel and dime guests

So HAL wants to pilot a new up charge of $10 for those that order a second entree.


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Hope it doesn't last! This is a bad precedent.Sad

Hope this not last. It would be a bad move to make.

Oh Oh...my finest moments come when I order a second entrée...appetizers don't count.

Strange, I thought this was common practice among a number of different cruise lines. I guess this is a first when it comes to the MDR, like one arcticle says: "Currently, most cruise lines have upcharge items — usually lobster or a surf-and-turf option — on the menus in their main dining rooms, but this appears to be the first time a charge has been levied for a second entree off the standard menu. And of course, it begs the question of whether this might become common practice on other lines."

I know that currently in the Princess Specialty restaurants, "Sabatinis" menu says this: "Cover charge of $25/person includes one selection from each course." And the "Crown Grill" says this: "Cover Charge $29 per person---Dinner includes one main course. Please enjoy any additional mains for $10 each." and the "La Mer"-- @ Cover Charge $35---- says Dinner includes one main course. Please enjoy any additional mains for $15."

I just recently noticed this on the Princess Specialty menus but it could have been there for years as I never order two entrees. I rarely polish off what they serve and when it it’s steak I usually order the smallest cut.

I can't see how folks can eat so much. But as I mentioned before, my buddy, an electrician, got a job on the "slope" soon after the oil boom started. When he got back after the first stretch he told me the second night in the MDR he was in line and a guy ahead of him ordered "three and three". Doug asked him what meal the 3X3 was? The guy said "three lobsters and three steaks".

When I started cruising I was in in my early 30's I would eat 2 entrees, and a few apps and a couple of desserts and then I'd eat again at the Midnight Buffet. I was blessed when young of being able to eat everything in sight and stay skinny. Now that I'm a couple decades older I have to watch what I eat to stay slim. So today 1 entree is enough for me. Now if there is an item ton the menu that a few of us at the table are curios about but none want to try for a full meal we will order one for the table to share so everyone can get a taste of it.

I thought that most people eat less as they get older ? HAL is known as a line that caters to older folks. I would think that lines that cater to family's with teens and 20's would have more of the 2nd entree order folks on them.

If I was still hungry I'd just go hit the buffet, Or are they charging for seconds at the buffet also ?

I see this as a bad thing. Maybe they should put you on a scale when you get on the ship and then when the cruise is over and charge per pound that you put on !

This is just sad. It's just like when the airlines started charging for bags etc. And it stayed.

I think Holland will find out it will not be popular among their cruisers. So we see what they find out.

The only way we will "find out" is if they drop it. Unless someone in here can be a fly on the wall up in mahogany row. or takes a cruise and that charge isn't on the menu. what it WILL do is discourage some folks from ordering that second entree occasionally. Multiply that fleetwide, and they might be saving a buck three eighty. The only time I could be counted on to get a second entrée was the "old style" NOODLE BAR on NCLs older ships. Y'know about Chinese food...hehehehe...didn't do it on BREAKAWAY class ships and no plans to. Instead of a sit down restaurant (usually near TEPPANYAKI) they've moved it near the casino (which stinks) and removed tables and substituted lunch counters. which also stinks, but for a different reason. Pay more, get less. I can't comment on some of the other lines, but at the rate I'm going, Im going to be able to. IF I live long enough..

Yep, have to wait and see whether they drop it or expand it and it starts to shop up on their other lines since the holding company does own many. I suspect that HAL is just the test guinea pig as it is the smaller of most of their lines and they are hoping to push it out across the board.

I agree, I bet this is just a feeler put out there in an attempt to convince the rest of the cruise industry to go along. It appears to me that Frank Del Rio (FDR) has been working overtime in this regard recently. Lately, he has been on a kick to raise over-all cruise fees. But wasn't it not that long ago he attempted to institute charges for NCL cabin meal service and when that ran into snags after guests began taking more food from the buffet to their cabins on their own, he retaliated by taking away large trays to make it more difficult and then issued a prohibition against "sneaking" food to one's own cabin?

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