Don’t Get Stranded! Use A Travel Agent

Reasons why you should consider using a travel agent to book your next cruise vacation. - Photo by Canva

Let’s face it. When cruising returns it is going to look and feel a little different than past vacations. But quite frankly, it may not look different from being out in the community – think face masks, social distancing, and temperature checks.

Now, travel agents have been around for a long time and have served as our advocates, helping us prepare for our cruise vacation with as much care as a June Cleaver. Well, these travel superheroes are still around today and in fact, they have proven to be more valuable to us than ever before.

Booking a cruise vacation has always been complex but now, it is even more complicated with enhanced regulations, limited cabin, and cruise availability, not to mention navigating Future Cruise Credits. Shipmate recently launched a tool to make it easy to keep track of Future Cruise Credits, but by enlisting the help of a travel agent during the redemption process, you can maximize your credits through upgrades and promotions. What’s more, cruise line call centers are busier than ever answering questions and rebooking guests. A travel agent will call the cruise line, so you don’t have to spend hours waiting on hold.  

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Before COVID-19, you only needed a passport to cruise or travel abroad. Now, cruise lines and many destinations are requiring negative COVID-19 tests. At some destinations, you even have to complete special documentation in advance and get re-tested or quarantine upon arrival. The role of travel agents has always been to make sure your vacation is as seamless as possible, and that is still their goal even with these added measures.

Getting sick or injured while abroad has always been a risk that travelers take, but now with COVID-19 there is the added element of possibly having to quarantine, making it more difficult to get home. And don’t forget, now the CDC is requiring that all people entering the U.S. via aircraft must have proof of a negative test.

Before you travel, a good agent will explain travel insurance, what it covers and tell you exactly what actions you need to take before, during, and after your vacation. That way all you need to do is pack your bags and stay healthy. And if something happens, don’t fear because good travel agents have contingency plans in place for you, just in case you need to quarantine and can’t come home as planned.

As new information becomes available, travel agents are always the first to know the details. Cruise lines rely on travel agents to ensure passengers are cruising on the right line for them, and foreign destinations rely on tourism to stay afloat. They work around the clock making sure they are prepared to answer your questions and solve any problem.

Use a travel agent the next time you book a vacation — you certainly won’t regret it. Let us know in the comments what you love about your travel agent!

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