Treat Yourself! Upgrade Your Vacation Using A Future Cruise Credit

Upgrade your vacation using a Future Cruise Credit - Photo by Canva

Do you have a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) from a canceled cruise? If so, lucky you! You’ve got a vacation headed your way. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start planning your voyage to redeem this credit. 

As a first step, we recommend checking with your cruise line to find out the booking deadline date for the FCC. It’s likely that over the past few months, this date has been extended and it’s important to have this deadline in mind when booking. 

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FCCs can be booked with any travel agency or cruise line directly. You do not have to use the original booking source to rebook your FCC. Our best insider tip is to work with a reputable travel agent who can provide guidance on how to redeem and make the most of your FCC, considering bonus offers, sales, and upgrades. They can also assist in staying updated with any booking deadlines (changes) from the cruise line. 

Between the bonus on your FCC and numerous cruise options for 2021, 2022, and beyond the following are a few ways you can treat yourself using your cruise line credit:

1. Upgrade Your Cabin

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Use the extra funds to splurge on a higher-category cabin. Go from an inside cabin to a balcony, or balcony to a suite! Have you ever wanted to try a Spa cabin? Now could be the time! Read More: Best Cruise Lines for Cabins in 2020 - Members' Choice Awards.

2. Book a Second Cruise 

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If the amount of the credit exceeds the cost of the new cruise you are booking, which is more likely to happen when traveling during off-peak times, some cruise lines will issue the remaining balance as a second credit. This means it might be possible to book two cruises using one FCC! See All Cruise Deals.

3. Stack FCC with Other Promotions 

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Redeem an FCC and book your new cruise when the cruise line or your travel agent is offering a promotion for onboard credit or free gratuities. Plus, sometimes cruise lines offer free or reduced airfare which would offer incredible value when bundled with your FCC. Additionally, check with your travel agent if your FCC is valid to be used on extras such as taxes, gratuities, shore excursions, and more.

4. Check Off Your Bucket List 

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Consider cruising on a different itinerary to a destination that you may have previously thought was too expensive. Have you always dreamed of snorkeling in Aruba or setting out on a whale-watching adventure in Alaska? This could be your perfect opportunity! Explore cruise destination guides.

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