5 Tips for Cruising on Celebrity Reflection

celebrity reflection hideaway cruise ship tips
The Hideaway is a unique place onboard to relax with a book or hang out with other passengers. - Photo by Celebrity Cruises

Whether you’ve already booked a voyage aboard Celebrity Reflection or are still doing research, these tips from our members, hand-picked out of thousands of reviews, will help you get the most out of your cruise vacation.


1. Don’t miss the Sunset Bar and Martini Bar.

celebrity reflection sunset martini bar tips
Sunset Bar - Photo by Celebrity Cruises

Our members speak out loud and clear when they rave about the Sunset Bar. They enjoy the stellar service as well as its beautiful views both during the evenings and during sailaway from port. Also spoken highly of is the Martini Bar, where bartenders aren’t afraid to get creative and put on a fun show for the crowd.

"This is a lovely ship with many areas to sit for the sun or for hiding away to read. The Crush Martini Bar is not to be missed in the evening. Apart from great drinks the bartenders put on a fun little show to amuse the cruisers." - babruce1124 (read review)

"The Sunset bar in the rear of the new ship Reflection is a great design feature as well as the new Molecular Bar set up." - Alcedg (read review)

"Grab a hammock on the 14th Deck and watch the sunset! Also, the view from the Sunset Bar sailing from the Ports is the best! Try the Martini Bar~ you won't be sorry! Order Room Service Breakfast at least 1x while on your Cruise! Oceanview Cafe is THE BEST for grab and go breakfast~ lots of variety." - sfrantz3196 (read review)

"The sunset bar was our favorite. Great views and better service." - SheilaPeterson (read review)

"When the weather is nice go to the Sunset Bar. We found it to be lively before dinner, and since our weather was perfect it was most pleasant to spend time there. Bartenders fun. In the evening check out the martini bar, even if you don't drink. They like to put on a show while making and pouring drinks-fun to watch even if just over club soda. Of course their martinis are very good too." - nursekmr (read review)

"Don't miss the Martini Bar! Best spot on the ship." - Idion (read review)


2. Spend some time in the spa’s Persian Garden relaxation room.

celebrity reflection persian garden spa tips
Persian Garden room - Photo by Celebrity Cruises

Even cruisers that aren’t “spa people” will enjoy this one. Members mentioned loving the onboard spa’s Persian Garden room, which includes curved, heated tile beds with expansive ocean views.

"Our favorite spot was the Persian Garden! After so much walking, those heated tile beds felt great on our muscles and bones." - Whittfamily (read review)

"Loved the sunset bar for sail away party's and late night. The best!!! Go to silent disco, it's so much fun!!! Persian garden is wonderful also. The grass wonderful and we played bocce ball. So fun!!" - cathij551 (read review)


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3. Hang out (and eat!) at the Lawn Club.

celebrity reflection lawn club grill cruise tips
Lawn Club - Photo by Celebrity Cruises

The Lawn Club is an area at the top of the ship with a real grass lawn, where guests can play games like croquet and boules. It’s also known as a perfect picnic spot, and you’ll find live music there throughout the cruise.

"Do not miss the Lawn Grill experience. The best steaks on the high seas. Also the sunset bar is delightful, We were blessed with great weather so do enjoy the burgers and hot dogs. Qsine is also a very pleasant dining ....very different." - Abi (read review)

"No slides, surfing, or anything like that, but there was some real grass lawns on the top deck which was pretty cool." - bonaguro (read review)

"Lawn Club Grill not to be missed for burger lunch and also serves up great steaks for dinner." - dbclancy (read review)

"The Alcoves is a great option for a private deck experience. Each comfortably accommodates 4. Staff are attentive and can get what you want. Awnings for shade if full sun is not desired. Less expensive on port days. The Lawn Club Grill is the best restaurant for relaxed fun w/do-it-yourself options." - noname111 (read review)

"Eat at the Lawn Club and Muranos for excellent special dining experience." - mtgman1 (read review)


4. Don’t book a cabin below a dining area.

celebrity reflection cabin deck cruise tips
Balcony cabin - Photo by Celebrity Cruises

This goes for most cruise ships out there — you don’t want to book a cabin directly below a dining room, especially the main dining room and buffet which have very heavy traffic at mealtimes. Celebrity Reflection is no exception, and some members specifically warned future cruisers about this issue in their reviews.

"Suites directly under the dining room are not worth it as they are view obstructed and very noisy all night long. Sunset view balcony terrific and highly recommended." - jbraude (read review)

"If you are choosing an aft room - do not get on the 12th floor - the outside of the buffet is right above you and you will hear a lot of noise from the movement of chairs above you." - Thomas140 (read review)


5. Look for the game room.

game room celebrity reflection cruise tips
Game On room - Photo by Celebrity Cruises

We were actually surprised by how many times this was mentioned. Most spaces like libraries and game rooms are largely overlooked by cruise passengers, but the ‘Game On’ card room on this ship is particularly unique. Game tables are inlaid with a screen where players can choose from a number of digital games and play them right on it. It’s all of the fun without searching for a missing game piece and realizing the players before you probably lost it.

"They arranged a ping-pong tournament. I saw those who brought their own paddles were at the final. If you like to play games, check out the game room. We spent many hours there." - hal4jx (read review)

"There is a great little game room hidden away on deck 8." - leeannkemp08 (read review)

"Game On has a Word Power game that is incredibly challenging and enjoyable." - financialwriter (read review)


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Other Helpful Tips

celebrity reflection qsine dining room cruise
Qsine - Photo by Celebrity Cruises

There were so many great Celebrity Reflection tips from our members, so we gathered some extra advice we thought you should know.

"If choosing Anytime Dining, arrange your reservation for the next night as you are leaving. And pay attention to the daily newsletter left in your room each night. Drink specials are listed on the back page (and when drinks are $10 each, it's nice to find the half-off bars)." - pckaupla (read review)

"The Hideaway on Deck 7 has hot coffee and tea all throughout the day. It is a great place to get away and read or just relax." - TravelB (read review)

"Beware of tendering! Ship excursions go first so you need to get an early tender ticket if you plan to go ashore on tender ports." - LRSkier2 (read review)

"Qsine is a restaurant that serves small plate entrees. Each item is creatively/artistically presented, the description in the menu barely does justice. You know what you ordered, but when presented you are surprised by how inventive the dishes are." - cathyberdahl (read review)

"If you enjoy wine, sign up for the Riedel Glassware wine tasting. The difference a glass makes in the taste of wine is crazy! The cost was $17 and refunded with the purchase of 4 glasses. Having free internet, we made a quick check of Riedel on Amazon and found this a good deal." - Cruiser760 (read review)

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One comment about the Sunset Bar, they often have a musical group around sunset, which makes peaceful relaxation problematic. However, if you do like the entertainment, arrive early because folk stake out any seating area and are disinclined to move. Re: Balcony under the buffet - another issue is that the buffet seating area is extended over the side of the ship. And some designer thought it was nice to put glass portholes in the floor so that you can look down onto the balcony and ocean. Dumb idea! And leads some folk to avoid the area due feelings of motion sickness because of the view downward (not so when looking out).

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