5 Terrifying Shore Excursions

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Are you brave enough to swim with sharks? - Photo by Greg Amptman / Shutterstock

With Halloween fast approaching, we thought we’d recommend a few ways to scare yourself on your next cruise. Whether you’re afraid of ghosts, heights, or sharks, we found something to get your heart racing:

1. Eden Brown Estate

Port: St. Kitts

eden brown estate

The ruins of the Eden Brown Estate. - Photo by ExploreNevis.com

The abandoned Eden Brown Estate is a Caribbean staple for paranormal thrill seekers. For 150 years, no resident has dared to live on this plantation property after the tragic wedding of Julia Higgins, where her brother and fiancee had an argument that escalated into a duel resulting in the deaths of both men. Julia lived out the rest of her life as a recluse on the estate, and residents have frequently reported seeing her ghost wandering around the plantation grounds.


2. The Cemeteries of New Orleans

Port: New Orleans, Louisiana

voodoo queen tomb marie laveau

The tomb of Voodoo queen Marie Laveau.- Photo by karenfoleyphotography / Shutterstock

While most people know New Orleans as one of the biggest party cities in America, it also happens to be one of the most haunted thanks to its rich history of voodoo. Derived from African spirituality, voodoo tales of sorcerers wielding influence over the dead brought the term “zombi” into mainstream American culture. Louisiana Voodoo differs from other forms of Voodoo in its emphasis on paraphernalia (dolls and amulets) and Voodoo queens. The most popular cemetery is the St. Louis cemetery, which houses thousands of graves, including the tomb of famous Voodoo queen Marie Laveau.


3. Stockholm Roof Walk

Port: Stockholm, Sweden


Haunted houses and ghost stories not enough to make a walking tour scary? What if you combined a walking tour with those urban climbing videos on YouTube that make your palms sweat just from watching them? Offered by Norwegian Cruise Line, this unique walking tour of Sweden’s capital will take you along the rooftops of Riddarholmen in Old Town. You’ll be safely strapped in with a harness, but that won't stop your knees from shaking.


4. Bungee Jumping

Port: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Standing on a ledge may be no big deal, but what about throwing yourself off one? Unfortunately, there are no good bungee jumps in the Caribbean, but if you take a Mexican Riviera cruise, you can head to Wild Canyon Ekopark after docking in Cabo. Once you watch the necessary safety videos and get your equipment ready, you’ll experience a few exhilarating and mind-numbing moments of true free fall that will feel like a lifetime.


5. Swimming With Sharks

Port: Nassau, Bahamas


So you've seen some sharks through the bars of a cage. Big deal. Your heart isn’t really pumping until you feel one of these deadly creatures brush up against you as it prepares to feed on the bait brought by your guide. The Bahamas is the best spot for shark diving in the Caribbean, and you’re guaranteed to see plenty of Reef Sharks during your tour.

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