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Bay Tree Restaurant Photo

Bay Tree Restaurant

(6 Reviews)

The Bay Tree restaurant will offer leisurely breakfasts or lunches and Club Dining in the evening. W...

Breakers Bar Photo

Breakers Bar

(3 Reviews)

Breakers Bar will be the place to go for a refreshing smoothie. Packed full of fruit, they make for...

Cinnamon Restaurant Photo

Cinnamon Restaurant

(6 Reviews)

If you prefer not to be tied to specific sittings, Freedom Dining will be an appealing option. Offer...

Saffron Restaurant Photo

Saffron Restaurant

(5 Reviews)

The Saffron restaurant will provide the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and lunch. While...

Tazzine Photo


(2 Reviews)

If You are here seeking rich coffee and conversation, Ventura''s contemporary and relaxed coffee lou...

The Beach House Photo

The Beach House

(5 Reviews)

This buffet-style venue will offer a variety of children''s favourites, plus more sophisticated fare...

The White Room Photo

The White Room

(4 Reviews)

Inspired by the exclusive city hotels of Venice and Florence, The White Room promises to be very spe...

Waterside Photo


(4 Reviews)

Offering great variety, you will be able to take your pick from a broad selection of hot and cold di...

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