Rhapsody of the Seas Sports Activities

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Jogging Track

Run laps while taking in the view. Our tracks are open to anyone and proper shoes are recommended.

1 Review

3 out of 5

by NatiCruiser on March 13, 2018

Nothing like jogging on huge pieces of bowing metal. Warped sections make for seriously sore joints. Chairs were always in the way so don't expect an easy run. Those under the track get the nice sooth... Read More

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5 out of 5 (1 Review)

Rock Climbing Wall

At 150-200 feet above sea level, our rock-climbing wall offers skill combinations for all levels. Our signature rock climbing walls are our most popular feature and are available on all Royal Caribbean cruise ships. Whether it''s your first time on a rock wall or you''re a seasoned climber, there are challenges for all levels of experience. We''ll provide all of the equipment, including shoes, helmets and harnesses. All you need to do is bring a pair of socks and, of course, your sense of adventure.

1 Review

5 out of 5

by NatiCruiser on March 13, 2018

Looked safe but there was never a guest on it. We didn't see a single soul on it for the entire 7 days.

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