47 Regatta Tips


Jan 17, 2018

This is an old ship with very few conveniences e.g., technology. Electrical plugs are only found in the cabin to charge phones/iPad and passengers are not allow to leave devices charging unattended due to fire hazards. The ship has breakdowns which may impact the selected route. Passengers who started the route in San Diego spent 10 days in Hawaii because the ship broke down; they were given $500 onboard credit per cabin. DON'T BUY EXCURSION THROUGH OCEANIA, BUY THEM AT EACH PORT; THEY ARE MUCH CHEAPER AND MORE FUN.


May 10, 2018

be ready for the cruisers to be 80 years old and have walkers.


Jun 22, 2018

Pack closed toe shoes for dinner


Jun 24, 2018

Participate, relax and enjoy yourself. If you are bored its your own fault


Jul 01, 2018

Make sure one has no sea sickness


Jul 01, 2018

Spend a little more with Oceania, get room service free for breakfast lunch and dinner specialty drinks free. And much much more


Jul 09, 2018

Grand Dining Room meals were fabulous, but if you're in a hurry to finish, your best bet would be the Terrace Cafe!


Jul 22, 2018

Take some sea sickness patches just in case! :)


Aug 13, 2018

Be pepared for any kind of weather. Our weather, fortunately was warm an dry.


Aug 15, 2018

Take part - get involved. You'll have a good time.


Oct 08, 2018

I wish I had splurged on more Excursions cause I only did 4 and they were all excellent. Also I think its smart to travel the day before and after the cruise in the event of an airline mishap which occurs on a regular basis and it also gives you time to enjoy those two locations as well.


Oct 29, 2018

Wait until after it goes into dry dock.


Feb 03, 2019

Don't forget 2-for-1 happy hour from 5PM-6PM and 10PM-11PM in Martini's and the Regatta Lounge!


Jul 22, 2019

If you travel in Regatta, expect an older crowd and little to no entertainment for younger couples or families with young children.


Jun 05, 2019

Very relaxing, older crowd. If your looking for late night parting it’s a very small group.


Nov 11, 2019

Enjoy the food. they make their own ice cream/gelato.

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