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In this boutique, you''ll find all kinds of gifts and treasures from around the world. Whether a gift for a friend at home, or a well-deserved trinket for yourself, this is the... place to find it. more

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Purchase some gifts for friends and family back home or buy yourself something shiny - hey, you deserve it! You''ll make it back at the casino anyway.

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Limelight is a duty and tax-free boutique featuring jewelry, watches and accessories. Don''t forget to stop here to pick up something shiny for those that couldn''t make the trip.

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Photo Gallery

2 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

I don''t know about you guys, but we love pictures of ourselves and this is the best place to do it. Go during the end of the cruise trip and compare the before and after tans o... f you and your fellow Ship Mates. more

2 Reviews

2 out of 5

by Chapmandad17 on July 18, 2018

We are not models but the quality was average and the cost way above...In addition, there did not seem to be enough time to get to all of the photo stations if you have a later dining
2 out of 5

by mcnallyco on July 08, 2018

Photos too expensive.$25 each

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