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Galleria Shops

2.5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

Need a new bathing suit? How about a surprise gift for your sweetheart? The Galleria Shops is a department store that offers a wide selection of brand name and specialty goodies.

2 Reviews

1 out of 5

by 15years on March 13, 2018

Not much to choose from.
4 out of 5

by Susanspen on February 10, 2018

Galleria Shops were pretty well stocked I felt. I DID APPRECIATE the atmosphere - unlike a previous cruise I went on (another cruise line.). I found the PERFECT Sterling Silver Whale Tail necklace to... celebrate the first time I ever saw a whale!! I felt it was reasonably priced. To be honest, that was the only thing I looked for at the jewelry shop. The sales rep was very helpful and professional! Read More

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The Collection Art Gallery

4 out of 5 (1 Review)

Browsers, buyers and bidders are all equally welcome at the on-board art gallery, where works of well-known and emerging artists are on display, and on sale in the lively art auctions.

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4 out of 5

by Niki712 on August 06, 2018

They had beautiful art.

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