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The Centrum is awash in glittering glass and marble, a dramatic sculpture, trees, and greenery.

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Concierge Club

For the exclusive use of Concierge Club members.

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Connoisseur Club

4 out of 5 (1 Review)

Royal Caribbean, the cruise industry''s hottest trend-spotter, noticed the growing popularity of swanky cigarbars. So, what did they do? They moved the cigar and pipe smoking are... a out of its rotation between various small lounges, and gave lovers of fine tobacco a classy joint to call their own. more

1 Review

4 out of 5

by theprincipal on January 15, 2018

I enjoy the Conisourre Club on the ship. This is a nice place to enjoy a cigar. Nice plush leather chairs. I am glad they finally have cigar rests and not just ash trays. They do sell cigars there i... n the evening but I recommend bringing your own. Their humidor is at only about 50% humidity with a limited selection. You are not to bring a torch but I've been able to bring my combo pipe/cigar lighter. Read More

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An impressive selection of books are available to check out. Choose from a variety of topics, including travel, art, biography, fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, beauty, heal... th, and more. Daily trivia games are often held here as well. more

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Metropolis Theatre

4.3 out of 5 (4 Reviews)

Some of the best Broadway shows play in the Metropolis Theatre, an homage to the great showhouses of all time.

4 Reviews

4 out of 5

by bette249 on December 09, 2018

Good layout and acoustics. Always able to get a good seat
3 out of 5

by dvanschoor on March 28, 2018

Verified Review
The late night comedian was very good. The shows were average. Believe or not, Carnival has better shows. Read Full Review

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Observation Deck

The Observation Deck allows passengers to go all the way to the prow of the ship. This can be the most exhilarating place to feel the wind and the ocean air, while getting the be... st unobstructed view of the ocean. more

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Screening Room

The Screening Room shows first-run movies daily.

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Seven Hearts

Shuffle up for fun in Seven Hearts card and game room. The Seven Hearts Card Room is the place for heated bridge tournaments and relaxed games of go-fish alike.

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Studio B

You won''t believe your eyes when you step into Studio B. It''s where you''ll find our onboard ice-skating rink, not to mention our professional ice shows, which are a must-see.... Featured on our Voyager-family ships, Studio B is also home to other onboard activities, like game shows, onboard parties, cooking demonstrations, and more. Once onboard, you can check your Cruise Compass and Daily Planner for the day''s schedule of events. more

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