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Aft Lounge Photo

Aft Lounge

The Aft Lounge has its own bar and dance floor and plays host to live music and shows.

Atmosphere Bar North Photo

Atmosphere Bar North

Relax at the poolside with friends and family, with a refreshing drink from the Atmosphere Bar North...

Atmosphere Bar South Photo

Atmosphere Bar South

Days by the pool with the grill, what could be better! The expert chefs serve up fresh and tasty sp...

Atrium Bar Photo

Atrium Bar

The central bar serving the Atrium.

Attic Club Photo

Attic Club

Night Club! Party with friends, enjoy a nightcap or simply dance into the small hours at the stylis...

Brass Anchor Pub Photo

Brass Anchor Pub

(1 Review)

Stop by an English Pub that serves a wide range of beer including craft beers from the USA as well a...

Champagne Bar Photo

Champagne Bar

With an array of first-rate champagne, bubblies, fresh oysters, caviar and fish, the chic Champagne...

Horizon Bar Photo

Horizon Bar

(1 Review)

With magnificent views of the sea and fantastic cocktails, The Horizon Bar is the place to be.

Infinity Bar Photo

Infinity Bar

There are infinite choices in this ideal spot to join friends for a drink before a meal, or any time...

Masters of the Sea Photo

Masters of the Sea

Atmospheric and charismatic, the traditional British pub is the perfect setting to drop in for a pin...

MSC Starship Club Photo

MSC Starship Club

The Starship Club features the first humanoid, robotic bartender at sea, Rob. Rob will mix and serve...

Polar Bar Photo

Polar Bar

This bar is located with the Polar Aquapark and offers soft drinks and some alcoholic drinks.

Red Gem Casino Bar Photo

Red Gem Casino Bar

Hit the jackpot at the spacious bar in the Casino.

Sky Lounge Photo

Sky Lounge

(1 Review)

Panoramic View Lounge. Meet up with friends for a drink and enjoy the stunning views while you list...

Sports Bar Photo

Sports Bar

Enjoy the atmosphere of the big game in the unique sports bar. Enjoy the wide and varied choice of...

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