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I don''t know about you guys, but we love pictures of ourselves and this is the best place to do it. Go during the end of the cruise trip and compare the before and after tans of you and your fellow Ship Mates.

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by soupmom

Venue was ok photos were extremely overpriced

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by clbrow77

I was actually a little intimated. I had no idea the price of anything and while I spent a lot of time looking for the photos of my group, not one person asked if they could assist me, but in saying that, I never saw anyone who I thought "worked" at this location that could help me.

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by BaileyzTravel

We didn’t know what to expect and where not totally prepared to take pictures, but the staff did a great job on the photos we did take. We loved all the pictures but only took a few. The staff was awesome!

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