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Carnival Blvd Promenade

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Jewelry Shop

1 out of 5 (3 Reviews)

Nice sparkley rocks and shiny metal!

3 Reviews

1 out of 5

by ccbp on July 17, 2018

nothing for a casual buyer, seriously, I don't cruise to 'get great deals' or buy expensive jewelry. wanted something souvenir-ish, alas!
1 out of 5

by VicFinney on April 23, 2018

Lies and prices are to high

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Photo Gallery

2.8 out of 5 (4 Reviews)

The photo gallery is loaded with some of your best Fun Ship moments. Pick your favorites; then take home your fondest and most fun memories.

4 Reviews

3 out of 5

by justesheila on August 13, 2018

I loved the fact how we could download the Carnival Hubb app and view all your on board pics! The whole purchasing process was great, what I did not like was the fact you had to download your purchase... pics before you leave the ship. It's not something you could do at home, even though you downloaded the Carnival Hubb app. This app only works on the ship, I found out the hard way. I purchased my pics and viewed them through the app, and later on I wanted to download my purchase pics through my phone but couldn't due to the fact that I was no longer on the ship. Thank God I was down the street when I noticed this, my husband drove back to the ships port and we sat in the parking lot in order to use the Carnival Hubb app to download our purchased pics to my phone. Read More
4 out of 5

by CheyNickole on July 12, 2018

I liked the updated photo gallery, but I probably would have purchased more photos had they been old school printed.

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Special Occasions

Rent your formal wear here.

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The Fun Shops

3.5 out of 5 (4 Reviews)

Everything from t-shirts to high-end timepieces, trinkets to your favorite spirits (duty-free) - That''s what you''ll find at the shops of Carnival. Find the perfect Fun Ship gif... ts for friends, family and yourself. more

4 Reviews

2 out of 5

by ccbp on July 17, 2018

too much of the same thing. bought a key chain and a mug. they don't sell clothes that fit me.
4 out of 5

by MikeandTeri on May 05, 2018

Nice shop, small for a small ship. I wanted to buy a new Carnival cup with a straw that doesn't sweat but they didn't have them anymore.

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