10 Balmoral Tips


Dec 22, 2017

Check the daily bulletin issued early evening as the following day's restaurant opening times may have changed.


Oct 07, 2017

Enjoy the cruise, the ships facilities and have a wonderful time.Port


Sep 18, 2019

Pay for the drinks package even if you don’t drink alcohol


Dec 25, 2019

Sailing on Balmoral is more like taking a trip in a comfy country club than a glitzy city hotel. It's a more relaxed journey with smaller venues, more sedate entertainment and a more cozy atmosphere than bigger ships. If you like the casino, disco & bling of cruising then this is not tbe ship for you. If you can use the stairs on Balmoral as there is not always a lift option in each stairwell (i didn't use a lift once while onboard but they looked small) and you are only every going up or down 5 decks at most.


Jan 13, 2020

If you want a bit of life and action you won't find it here, this was definitely the ship for the much older person!

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