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H20 Zone

The H2O Zone integrates colorful sculptures around a series of sprinklers, jets and water canons that guests can use to soak each other. In the evening, it transforms into a beautifully lit sculpture garden.

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4.8 out of 5 (8 Reviews)


Sit in one of the cantilevered whirlpools in this tranquil. adults only space with 3 decks of glass.

8 Reviews

5 out of 5

by steved2002 on July 16, 2018

This was our main hangout. 180 degrees of glass at the very front of the ship so great views, pool, whirlpools, a bar and no kids allowed.
5 out of 5

by Warnslmk on May 26, 2018

Love areas that are designed for adults! I like going here and not hearing the blissful screams of kids! I usually read a book and eventually take a nap!

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3.9 out of 5 (7 Reviews)

Swimming Pools

Take a dip in one of our refreshing pools or lie pool side and soak in some sun.

7 Reviews

4 out of 5

by 88coup on July 03, 2018

Very nice and clean pools just usually very crowded most of the time
3 out of 5

by liziwatson on May 13, 2018

I wish the swimming pools were open later! During the day the pools get very crowded (as to be expected) so I usually like to swim later in the afternoon/ evening. The pools were frequently closed bef... Read More

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4 out of 5 (3 Reviews)


Warm up in one of our relaxing whirlpools.

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4 out of 5

by 88coup on July 03, 2018

Beautiful whirlpools just not very warm.
5 out of 5

by alyssa9 on April 30, 2018

Our favorite was the infinity hot tub on the left side of the ship. Such a peaceful place to take in the views. Sometimes a little crowded during the day.. but absolutely serene late at night.

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