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by Rob2018

Realized after turning in my luggage that I left my passport in a suitcase, and of course, the bags were already on the boat. The HAL staff was amazing in helping me find my bags and get my document so I could board. Very easy and quick boarding process. Huge thumbs up for Tampa!


by Bruschii

Port was a pleasure to go out of. This was our first cruise and we were pleasantly surprised how easy the process was. The access to get to the port was easy, parking was easy, and the whole process was easy, even for newbies like us. Only downfall was that we had a bag to check and the person we checked in with never said anything about checking the bag so we just kept it and it was everything (non essential) for my wife and I for the week so lugging that bag around the ship for the day while we waited for the rooms to open was a pain. Overall was very happy with departing from Tampa and just booked another cruise (a total of 4 years after the first) from the same port.


by MrsPope14

We had a little bit of difficulty boarding the ship at this port. This was our 11th cruise and probably the hardest time we have experienced while boarding. I’m not sure what had happened but everyone was late debarking and maximum capacity was actually reached in the terminal so guests who were loading the ship had to wait outside (never seen that happen before). We ended up being 2 hours behind schedule boarding the ship, but the Carnival crew members did an excellent job of keeping everyone somewhat happy, they even passed out bottled water and snacks. Now, I don’t usually post things like this, but here goes. The day we returned to Tampa and debarked the ship (August 19th, belated review) we got behind the most obnoxious man I have ever seen!!! This man and his family were so unorganized! He had no documentation out to give to customs, a small child who needed help carrying her luggage (poor girl), and no concern for anyone else debarking! He was carrying an infant so the lady at the escalator told him he would need to take the elevator for safety. Well he didn’t want to wait so he decided to cuss the poor little lady out in the terminal and hold everyone else up. Then he proceeded to cuss another employee at the next escalator who told him to take the elevator for the safety of his child as well. THEN he went about cussing the man who told him to have his paperwork out and ready to go for customs and proceeded to say how awful Carnival was for causing him all this trouble. Really?? When all was said and done security ended up being called but I’m not sure what happened from there. If your the man in the orange fox shirt and your reading this SHAME ON YOU! No one wants to hear your vulgar, loud, disrespectful mouth to everyone who was just trying to make sure your child was safe. WHAT A JERK! I feel sorry for your family and the embarrassment you must have caused them that day!


by lameka1975

Getting through the port was a breeze. We were on the ship in about 30 minutes. It was my first cruise so a little overwhelming just because didn't know what to expect. Everyone one working was froendly and helpful guidong us through the process.


by Coverturf

We had a quick stay in Tampa. Got in late that evening and went straight to the hotel. We stayed at extended stay. Great room, fit 6 of us. We skipped on the pre pay shuttle that the cruise provided and went with Uber. We were lucky, Jesus picked us up, 🙌🙌. Jesus take the wheel 😁. We felt pretty safe and the driver didn't talk much but got us where we needed to go quickly. I would skip pre oh shuttles and go with Uber!


by jstubblefield

Probably my favorite embarkation port. Not super crowded, only 8 hour drive from home. Love cruising through Tampa bay and going under the bridge.

Visited: Apr 22, 2018

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by amahunik

Embarking was smooth! We were checked in, on ship and with a drink in hand within an hour! It’s a very easy port to navigate! I would strongly recommend!


by iCruiseNaked

First cruise ever! My fiancé is a cruising wizard and told me I would love it! So I trusted her and she was 100% correct!! Have 3 more booked already!

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