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About Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

Rabaul was Papua New Guinea's most spectacularly-sited city - and perhaps its most beautiful - before it was destroyed by the September 1994 eruption of Tuvurvur. Today Rabaul is a weird wasteland buried to the waist in black volcanic ash. The broken frames of its buildings poke out of the mud like the wings of a dead bird. The town looks like a movie set for an apocalypse film or the X-files, and rubble and ruined buildings recede in every direction.

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For me this was the highlight of the entire cruise. The raw, dangerous, ominous prescience of the volcanic mountains and hills surrounding what is left of Rabaul are a constant reminder of the power of nature. I couldn’t get enough photos nor could I capture the shear power of the landscape accurately with the photos I took, but love these photos very much. Another very small village and friendly locals, but always those mountains and steam vents everywhere. Again, we preferred just to walk from the Ship and mingle but many passengers told us the excursion to the volcano museum and lookout was worth every cent so may be we missed out by not doing this.


I suggest a tour of the volcano here.Plenty of tour guides outsìde port.They do have shops here and roads and atm and they accept Aussie dollar but kina preffered


Rabaul is not a very clean port, and many tours were cancelled because of very poor weather conditions in the week before we arrived, and causing much damage to their roads. The locals love dressing up their kids here in all their tribal attire, and they cannot hide their poverty, which showed in the eagerness to be off service. We enjoyed getting photos of these locals, and tipping them for posing for the camera.

Visited: Apr 03, 2017

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