Kiriwina Island, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea Cruise Port

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nice place enjoyed the beach and looking around not to much to see but the snorkeling was great plenty of fish life well worth getting in to the water


I suggest you pay a local tour guide to take you walking round this island.No cars electricity etc here.Make sure you have you kina in small denominations as it is very hard to change.The kids charge 5kina to go in a dugout but no way an adult would fit.Snorkelling and swimming further up the beach.But beware they do use a shark caller made of coconut shell.They shake like a rattle in the water to encourage sharks.They catch and eat them of course..


liked this stop, which provided friendly and very helpful locals, a lovely beach to swim, and freshly cooked crayfish available right on the beach for around $10each.


Arrived to this port in very inclement conditions and walked to the nearby village in the rain. Many villages line the roadway selling their wares, and some local boys act as guides on your journey to receive a tip for their services when you get back to the shoreline. Took a walk along the beach and found them selling freshly cooked crayfish for A$20 each. This was a very tasty snack before swimming in the warm tropical waters and returning back to the ship after enjoying this hospitality.

Visited: Apr 03, 2017

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All the ports we visited in PNG were fantastic, unspoiled and every village had different costumes full of colour. Definitely not for retail therapy but if you like hand craft markets, beautiful beaches and friendly smiles its for you

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