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Just relax on the beach here.We had lobster on the beach and coconut.Mmmm delicious with a squeeze of fresh lime.A lovely safe place to snorkel.We took some fish food and got lots of beautiful tropical fish coming right up to us.It is as good as it looks.Even better.Great market stalls for sarongs and island memories.My favourite spot in the whole pacific


You have to go to the blue lagoon the water is so clear , don't forget to bring googles for this unbelievable experience. Loved it , the beach there is worth relaxing and locals are awesome ,


This beach in my opinion is the best in the world from my experiences. You had a beach that provide safe, calm and inviting waters. A clean white sand beach, which is tree lined to provide excellent shade. The locals set up a local market back behind, and the best attraction at this beach is bartering for freshly caught and cooked in your presence Mud crabs and Rock lobster of differing sizes. I purchased the largest Mud crab he had for the equivalent of A$25, which they cooked and cleaned for me while I waited, then wrapped up my purchase into a Banana palm along with fresh Lime wedges to eat my treat on the beach.

Visited: Apr 03, 2017

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