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Shanghai's reputation as a center of unrestrained commerce and intrigue has drawn adventures since the time of the Opium Wars. Modern Shanghai will surprise you with its sprawling landscape of towering offices, beautifully contrasted by calm lakes and graceful pagodas dating from the 10th century. Take a trip to Wuxi and visit a silk factory, or serene Jichang Gardens.

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What can I say about Shanghai. I will never ever forget sailing out of the city at night past all the skyscrapers and the Pearl, a moment that will stay with me forever. So beautiful.


We were glad that we took the three stop tour (the old town district with its fabulous architecture, the Bund promenade area with its views of the city and the Shanghai tower), partly because of the heavy rain which prevailed throughout our visit. If the weather had been better the tour would have been much more rewarding. None the less, it was enjoyable.

Visited: Jan 02, 2017

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