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by David226859890

Hanoi is nearly 4 hours by car from the port of Cai Lan where the ship docked. While historically interesting, there is not much worth the nearly 7 hours of driving involved. On the other hand, a cruise around Halong Bay, which requires only about a 15 minute drive from the port of Cai Lan, was fantastic. We took a cruise to some caves across the Bay from the village of Halong, and had lunch aboard the boat.

Visited: Mar 07, 2011

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by Jhmoore

We did the junk cruise in Halong Bay. Beautiful area and great guide who was helpful and interesting. It included the cave which was beautiful. Well worth it!


by LuapG

This port was the highlight of the cruise as I kayaked on Halong Bay amongst the 'limestone' formations and a fishing village. Breathtaking, tranquil with unique scenery. One of the best excursions as well organised time-wise and for what was included.

Visited: Sep 26, 2019

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