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Kauai (aka “the green island”) lives up to its name with lush hiking trails — many with film-worthy waterfalls — and breathtaking vistas. Unlike on built-up sister islands Oahu and Maui, only 3 percent of Kauai is developed, and you’ll notice that life moves slowly — cars wait as roosters cross the street, and pause when passengers admire the rainbows that often span the sky above.

Just be mindful of the time here: Only one ship, Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America, is allowed to stay longer than 24 hours. All other ships dock at sunrise and ask passengers to be back onboard around 3 or 4 pm.

Tip: Don’t be scared off by the fact that Lihue, the island’s port city, has few things to see — the rest of the island deserves a closer look. Rent a car and drive south to get to the resort areas of Poipu and Waimea, or north for Princeville and Hanalei Bay. 


josselins tapas bar albacore kauai nawiliwili

Ahi two ways- Photo by Josselin's Tapas Bar & Grill

Lunch: Hamura’s Saimin Stand – You should not leave Hawaii without slurping a piping hot bowl of saimin, a noodle dish developed on the islands that will undoubtedly rival the best ramen you’ve ever tasted. On Kauai, Hamura’s is the spot, and it’s conveniently located in Lihue, just a few miles from dock. The place is unassuming, with family-style long tables and fans overhead. Don’t be deterred by a crowd — people eat quickly and, even if there are no seats when you arrive, you should be able to get a spot before long.

Dinner: Josselin’s Tapas Bar & Grill – This place serves up some of the most comforting fare on the island. Rich dishes — including duck wontons, kabocha pumpkin ravioli, and braised short ribs — are designed for sharing, and the sangria is to die for.

Dessert: Lappert’s Hawaii – Kauai’s temperatures can hover near the high 80s almost year-round, so cool off with a trip to Lappert’s ice cream shop. There are four on the island, all manned with super friendly staff. The best flavors: Kauai Pie (Kona coffee, chocolate fudge, macadamia nuts, coconut flakes, and vanilla cake) and Heavenly Hana (chocolate ice cream with white chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, almonds, marshmallow swirls, and chocolate chunks).


napali coast helicopter nawiliwili kauai hawaii

Na Pali Coastline - Photo by eStockPhoto / Douglas Peebles

For everyone: Safari Helicopters – Kauai is a difficult island to see in just one day (some hikes and boat trips can take hours), so helicopter tours offer the best way to see the tropical landscape. Safari Helicopters will take you and your family along the Na Pali Coast (remember the opening credits of “Jurassic Park”?) into dramatic Waimea Canyon and through Waialeale Crater.

For couples: Fern Grotto tour – This flora and fauna excursion starts a few miles north of the cruise port in the Wailua River Valley. Visitors ride in a rowboat down the river while a guide sings local songs and tells tales about the region’s cultural history. After the boat ride, everyone gets out and takes a short hike to the Fern Grotto. Expect to gasp when you get there — ferns grow upside down, and colorful, tropical plants cover every square inch of the place.

For families: Na ‘Āina Kai Botanical Gardens – Sitting on 240 acres in the northeast corner of the island, the gardens are open Tuesday through Friday and accessible by appointment-only tours. Families with children under 13 years old should take the “Under the Rainbow” tour, where kids can walk through a hedge maze, visit the Children’s Garden, feed Koi in a lagoon, and ride on a teak wagon.

For the adventurous: Koloa Zipline – One of the newest ziplining companies on the island, Koloa Zipline is getting a lot of buzz for its jungle tours. Each starts with a “ground school” to teach participants the proper way to hold the line and control zipping gear. Then it’s time to soar over tree lines and even across the Waita Reservoir.

Tip: Look at your watch before you start a hike. Many of the most beautiful treks in Kauai (i.e., Waimea Canyon) can take eight hours or more. You don’t want to miss the ship, so opt for shorter jaunts.

Insider Tip
Kauai has lovely beaches, but the island is also known for serious rip currents and deceivingly large waves. The risk is high, so don’t swim unless a lifeguard is present.

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Loved the Smith family Luau and river cruise to the grotto here. I booked directly through Smiths Kauai. An old and authentic Luau. Great food and show. Transportation is available to the Luau when you book, at a fraction of what the taxi fare is.

Visited: Oct 07, 2017

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Waimea Canyon in the early morning was breath taking! It truly is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Shipwreck beach was the perfect place to finish our vacation. If you go when the king tides are there, where a one piece, clothing is not optional but the current and tide pull of the ocean doesn't know that! I was in the water for about 15 minutes before I realized nature was winning and wanted my bathing suit bottoms as a trophy.

Visited: May 27, 2017

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This was my favorite island. We attended the Smith Family luau. Juan, our tour operator from Gray Line was great! We rode in an air conditioned motor coach bus. The ride up to the Luau was great. Juan gave us a short lesson in the Hawaiian language, the history of Hawaii and he shared many of his childhood experiences growing up on the island with us. We also saw "the Sleeping Giant" and saw wind surfers. It was great! The Luau and show was great and very entertaining. Although I did not watch the unearthing of the pig, I saw where it was buried and saw it being unearthed from a distance. It was served at dinner, and my sister and others said it was delicious. We saw the beautiful grounds while riding on a tram. The grounds are beautiful! Service before, during and after dinner was wonderful. This was one of the best tours I have ever been on.

Visited: Oct 14, 2017

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Beach was walking distance from the boat but they also have free shuttles to the shopping center witch is about 3 minute walk from the beach/ Lovey place for beach and shopping.

Visited: Dec 02, 2017

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What a beautiful place to see! We sailed around the Napali coast in the morning on the Pride of America. It was worth the wake up (10:30) the cliffs and the valleys were so lush and green you will never see anything like it. You must take pictures here when you pass. It is photo album worthy. Surprisingly one of my best shots is when we went to the opposite side of the ship where we got the coast and the ship in. When you dock you are right by some mountains and a dock where some shipping containers are. The actual port was industrial. When you get off the ship there is a short walk to Kalapaki beach which is stunning. We passed that we never actually went to it. Also there are shops that have a lot of great souvenirs including the abc store ( you will become very familiar with that name. I got a king Kamehameha statue. I also got a couple of comfy t shirts and a wooden surfboard with the Hawaiian islands carved into it in the shopping center. I also did a helicopter ride booked through Island Helicopters. Our tour guide Issac was amazing can't go wrong if you get him. It was unbelievable and informative. We went through Waimea canyon and flew passed the Napali coast. I ought it was impossible, but it was even more impressive. Waimea canyon is redish because of the iron oxides in the volcanic rock. Or is also partly green with plant life. It was a sight to see. You also pass many waterfalls including the Jurassic park waterfall and the fantasy island waterfall. All through this your tour guide is telling you what everything is though your headphone. You can also ask any questions you want through the microphone. Issac knew everything about the island. Overall our time in Kauai was fascinating and very enjoyable. I hoped you liked my book of a review cruisers! If you go you have to do something here.

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