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by jaydub80

We took a taxi to the Royal Palms Beach Club. What a great day. The beach was breathtakingly beautiful and we rented two chairs and an umbrella and then proceeded to have several buckets of beer, some lunch and lots of swimming time. This was the perfect day and i wish I were back. I wouldn't mind going back to the Cayman Islands.

Visited: Feb 18, 2018

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by DrDennis

We have been to Grand Cayman many times. Simply.....beautiful. If you haven't tried swimming with the Stingrays....."Just Do It!" It's exhilerating! We didn't do any of the excursions on Grand Cayman this time, but did go to the "7 Mile Beach" which was beautiful. Took a bus there for $2.50. The really cool thing about buses there, is that there is really no bus stops per se. There are bus shelters were you can stand to keep out of the sun. However, if you see a bus, all you need to do is wave and they will stop for you no matter where you are. Same thing for getting off...just tell the bus driver where you want to get off and he'll (she'll) let you off there Try that in New York!

Visited: Jun 16, 2018

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by CSaffel95

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!! It is soooo pretty with some clear blue water! We did the turtle farm and stingray city. And for anybody trying to figure out what to do I highly recommend it! You will have a BLAST! And so many great picture opportunities!


by lonnas906

I think this was my favorite port on this cruise. We took a taxi to 7 mile beach- $6 per person each way. Totally worth it! Water was an amazing blue, crystal clear, and warm! It did rain-a lot but only for like 10 to 15 minutes. We are at Calico Jack during that time. Jerk chicken was awesome as were the drinks! My daughter and I rented a jet ski for $50 for half an hour which was really about 40 minutes. Even though she dumped her 50 year old mother into the ocean, it was so much fun! Never laughed so hard as I was trying to get back on! Highlight of our cruise! Beautiful island but pretty pricey. We saved shopping for Cozumel.

by robert2zanzbar

Excellent, we were told by other ship guess that after leaving the ship we could walk three blocks and catch the local bus and it took us to the beach. Only $2.50 one way and $2.50 back, easy commute, but other's didn't know about this and they paid $8 to $20 to get to the same beach. Great tip! Beautiful day and the water was so clear.

Visited: Mar 10, 2018

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