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by swilliam89

We just headed to 7 mile beach here. The beach and water was breathtaking. After a few hours, we went shopping. The shopping here is definitely the best for this cruise. Had a blast...


by MargaritaMama5

We took a $4 taxi ride to 7 mile beach because we’d heard it’s been classified as the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. It did not disappoint! Right away there were so many places to rent beach chairs (don’t pay full price - they start at $20, but we got ours for $5 each including the umbrella!) A few places to find souvenirs and eat, but we took a taxi back to the port after our beach fix & did some shopping in town - although beware - prices in town are sky high!


by AA251

Love, love, love love. The submarine ride was great, shopping great. People so nice. While waiting to get back on the ship to go thru customs. My Daughter left her phone on bench. She noticed on way back out to ship. It was found, and they checked the emergency app ran her name against the two ship in port and brought it back out to us. We never reported it, we thought it was gone and was just going to call and have it deactivated. We every time we have been here have noticed the kindness and honestesty of the people whom live here. Too bad other places can't be the same.

Visited: Jul 15, 2017

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by Jamelly75

Outside the port is pretty. We stayed left and walked 2 blocks to catch a taxi and saved $$. It was $2.50 pp each way for a taxi to 7 Mile Beach and the water is crystal clear. The beach was very crowded as it was spring break and about 5 ships docked at the same time! The island looked newer near the port and well manicured. Lots of upscale hotels/condos and waterfront restaurants. Calico Jacks beach bar served food & drinks and seemed to be the happening hangout. We had some jerk chicken from a local that was good. Snorkeled right off beach, lots of pretty fish in certain spots and my daughter spotted a stingray. Fun day for all except the crowds.


by FloridaJason

Loved, loved, loved this port. Very safe and well kept. It's actually illegal to solicit tourists on the street and it doesnt happen. You have to ask! The island is a gem. The people are friendly and accommoding.


by SawyersMommy

They do NOT negotiate. The price listed is the price you pay. If you get a chance to take a bus trip to "Hell" (small town) you can get your passport stamped from Hell and even send a postcard postmarked from Hell. It's pretty funny. The store we stopped at even had an owner dressed as the devil, so pictures were fun. Had fun with all the people on my bus tour and the driver was fun, too.

Visited: Jun 03, 2017

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I kissed a stingray at stingray city and held a baby green sea turtle! They drop you off in the middle of the Caribbean ocean on a sandbar that has just 4 ft of water. You feed the stingrays and give them smooches, it was amazing!

Visited: Dec 03, 2017

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by RNS247

Anyone that goes to Grand Cayman, i highly recommend you do the stingray excursion that would be one of the best experiences you'll ever have. The stingrays are very ppl friendly. I see all types of good reviews about it, so I just wanted to try it for myself. Me and my wife always do excursions but this was one of the best so far.


by GalenB

Beautiful port and the people here were absolutely the friendliest. My friends and I stopped in at this store where the owner and employee not only offered but bought both my friends and myself a local beer. Every store we shopped at offered wonderful customer service and they weren't pushy like some ports. Views were fantastic as well. I can't say enough good things about this place.


by tsmaggio

My favorite port. Stingray city with the barrier reef snorkel was awesome. Highly recommend this shore excursion. I can't wait to do it again. The town was very clean.

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