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Tiny and charming, Roseau offers visitors an intimate look at the nation of Dominica. Stroll past the houses on Castle Street, marked by quaint tin roofs and gingerbread fretwork. Tour the Dominican Museum and the plentiful shops in Post Office Square. Pose for scenic nautical photos in front of the Bay Front Sea Wall. Enjoy the chattering antics of native parrots at the local bird sanctuary.

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We did the River Tubing and Waterfall excursion today. It was beautiful, this island is something to see! The drive to the river tubing was long, and nothing can prepare you for the winding roads and steep inclines, but the views were amazing. It’s nice to see the rainforest starting to heal itself after the hurricane last year. The folks here are so friendly. The port area still has a way to go in its own recovery, but the island is bouncing back. This has been my favorite stop so far.


Didn't know what to expect from this island. As it turned out, this was by far my favorite island. Took a tour to Emerald Pool, which was incredible. The foliage, fruit trees and scenery on the way to Emerald Pool were absolutely breathtaking. Also went to a volcanic beach, which was really nice. Not your typical blue water, but warm and clean.

Visited: Apr 23, 2016

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This was a surprising port. I had read a lot of reviews which made me think this would be a stay on the boat day. We got off & found a taxi to do a tour 2 1/2 hours at 20.00 a person.


Greeted by schoolchildren singing. Charming island. Had seen some damage by the hurricane but the people were the friendliest.

Visited: Dec 01, 2018

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