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by kellies26

I LOVE this place! We did the dolphin encounter for the second time. Will go back again on our next trip!! This port is absolutely beautiful, probably one of my top 3.


by vasthousehold

Loved this port and the Rum Tour. The place was beautiful and everything that the Caribbean promised. We loved the fact two ships were in port and that everything was in walking distance Shopping was brilliant here - new ring for the wife and a new watch for me.

Visited: Mar 03, 2018

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by MissAmandaB

We booked a non-Carnival tour to Pinney's Beach. We spent almost an hour on a speed boat ride to Nevis, followed by a couple of hours on a very private area of Pinney's Beach, near the Four Seasons, where we were allowed to use the restroom and WIFI. The water was calm and roped off for our swimming safety. An employee checked on us to offer drinks/food menu every 30 minutes until our boat picked us back up for the ride back to the port. We had excellent weather and loved this quiet beach day on a secluded area of the beach with chairs and an umbrella. One guy came by with his Monkey, for my Monkey fix. The animal lover I am enjoyed holding a monkey, three live starfish, meeting a (well cared for) beach dog named Carib, lots of cute little sand crabs and we saw lots of fish. It was a wonderful day with nature on a nice clean beach with nearby amenities and not too many people.

Visited: Jan 06, 2019

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by Thegreggs2

We loved St Kitts and I definitely want to come back here and see the town next time. We did an snorkel and beach catamaran excursion, was 6 hours of pure fun, boat served drinks and lunch and was amazing food. Water was beautiful, we saw a barracuda and stingray while we were snorkeling, crew was amazing .


by cucruizin

We did a catamaran and snorkeling excursion. I've only snorkeled from the beach, so this was an awesome experience. Almost had a conniption when I saw my 5 year old granddaughter jump off the side of the boat and I wasn't able to keep up with her after that. LOL.

Visited: Aug 05, 2017

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by JayRCruiser

Didn't get to see much of this island as our excursion was approximately 6 hours long. It was a snorkeling excursion with 3 stops along with time on Nevis island. The boat ride was so entertaining as was the staff and the alcohol flowed all day. It was a great day but long so by the time we made it back to the ship we passed on the exploration and went to the ship and called it a day. I'd go back in order to get a better experience in town, but what I did see was beautiful!

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