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Dutch is the official language, but many Arubans also speak Papiamento (a Spanish-based creole with Portuguese, Dutch, and English elements) and English. The Spanish claimed Aruba in 1499. It fell to the Dutch in 1636 and since then, with the exception of a few years during the Napoleonic Wars, it has belonged to the Netherlands. Aruba was part of the Netherlands Antilles until 1986 and is still linked with them economically.

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My 5th Time here and I love it 😍 more and more!! There is something to be said about the quality of merchandise and food you can get here! The mixture of Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and some Haitian 🇭🇹 influences are what diversity is all about!


I loved Aruba! We took the bus to Baby Beach-its a great beach in a small cover that was beautiful, and not too windy. Had a great little cafe to eat at. Four stars only bc the bus ride took almost an hour, which ate up some of our beach time but it did allow us to see the island. I'd go back any day!


Love Aruba. We took city bus to Palm Beach and enjoyed the day. People were so friendly! You'll have to wait for the bus, but we weren't in a hurry. I understand locals need to get to work. Bus was crowded, but it wasn't a long no ride. Rented chairs and umbrellas. Beach is very calm on this side of the island. Palm Beach or Eagle Beach are perfect spots. We honeymooned here and have been back one time since.


Fofoti UTV tour of Arikok National park and natural pools was the most fun we had with our clothes on! Sergio and crew did an amazing job of getting us through traffic and out to the trails quickly and efficiently. Do yourself a favor and bring your own goggles to keep the dust out of your eyes. They sell them for $15 but you can get better for less stateside.


One of the best ways to enjoying snorkeling, we took the Sea Bob, adventure its based near the lighthouse. This was so much fun, after a short learning lesson on how the machine works your off for an awesome time. It's like swimming with the dolphins, scuba diving, and jet skiing all rolled into one. A must try, and after you'll be hooked. 👍

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