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by MissMarmalade

I’ve read a lot of reviews of how bad the place is but if you just plan on doing nothing at all with a little shopping at port or wanting a bite of the local cuisine it’s not that bad of a place. The locals aren’t too pushy with their products like other places I’ve been to and are very respectable. Cheap beer can be bought at the liquor store with local Sands beer $3.50 each or 2 for $6. Don’t bother with the coconut drinks from the food court; it’s a waste of money and very little alcohol in them.


by parodeejay

We have been to the Bahamas Adventures Beach Club twice, and loved it both times! Both were booked through Carnival, with the first being their "All Inclusive Beach Day" and the second being the "Beach Getaway With Open Bar". Swimming and snorkeling was decent, and we saw a school of spotted eagle rays! Many of the drinks are weak, but the margaritas will hurt you if you don't watch out!! :D


by radcliff17

We went to a beautiful private beach. This place needs some cash to get back on its feet. I was disappointed but the reasons for the situation seemed valid.


by tigrcub72

This is a port you either love or hate. This was my second time in Freeport and I had a great experience both times. This time we did the dolphin encounter excursion. HIGHLY recommend this one! The people are all very friendly and you can tell the dolphins are well cared for. We had the youngest dolphin in our group and the trainer was so patient and loving with him as the dolphin wondered off, as all children can do. The driver of the boat on the way back to the main island allowed each of the children on board to stand at the wheel of the boat for a picture. When we arrived back to the port area we still had time to shop. The people at the straw market here are the least pushy of any port I have visited.

Visited: Jun 09, 2019

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by Rosebuds6

Didn’t expect much from Freeport so we booked an excursion through Carnival. Had to cancel last minute however because one of our sons got sick. We decided to walk around and shop for a little while however. We loved it. Found some fun little items to take home with us and everyone was super friendly. Nobody harassed us more than normal salesmanship at a market of this nature. Sure there wasn’t a ton to do right in the port but it definitely was enough to fill up the couple hours we were docked. And definitely not as bad as I’ve heard some people make it out to be.

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