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by AshlieDunahee

I love that they've built a little shopping area right as you get off the ship. It gives you something to do without taxiing into Lycaya. We did not do an excursion as we wanted to enjoy a less-crowded ship. We walked around the shopping area for about an hour. The merchants were the least pushy we've ever encountered which was very nice.

Visited: Jan 10, 2019

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by ashleycamp9479

I loved it here. I want to live amd die in freeport! Beautiful waters, wonderful people. I think every person i looked at had a smile on their face, but in a place like this, who wouldnt!?

Visited: Feb 11, 2018

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by mommyof2xys

We booked the beach getaway excursion from the cruise line. It was a nice beach day and me and my family enjoyed our time there. The tour to and from the beach really showed how much this island has suffered from past hurricanes, which they have not yet recovered. It was sad to see so many businesses and homes abandoned. All of the locals that we came in to contact with were very friendly and our bus guide (can’t remember her name) was great.


by britt0520

Had so much fun looking at all the stuff to buy so different from home. The stuff is not pricey at all. It is so beautiful there. It is a whole lot better than Nassau

by Froggy3

We booked a day at the beach with an open bar ** thru Carnival **. I can't remember what the name of the beach was in Freeport that we went to. It may have been Taino Beach. The food & drink bar was located right on the beach & the seating under the covered deck was plentiful. There were separate men's & women's showers to shower off the sand or salty water. Maybe we just got lucky by our bus getting there early on because we had no problem getting beach chairs. I do think I heard people who got there way after us say something like all the lay-out chairs were taken, leaving only sit-up chairs. The staff made sure to frequently make their rounds to everyone lounging by the beach & ask if we wanted anything to drink. I don't think more than 5 minutes every went by without someone checking if we needed a drink. I read some reviews that people who booked this excursion were dissatisfied with the alcohol quantity lacking in the drinks at this location, saying the drinks were nothing but sugar, but I actually like my drinks fruity & sweet tasting so I LOVED it! I adored the staff at this location. They were SO FRIENDLY!! They work hard out there in the hot beach sun to serve 100's and 1000's of people & put a lot of effort into making sure everyone enjoys their time there. I appreciated & enjoyed the commentary provided by the bus driver on the way to the beach too. I loved this laid-back excursion, and I wished I could have done it a 2nd day too!

Visited: Jun 15, 2015

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by hmsmith19

Grand Lucayun Resort Pass was amazing! Taxi $10 round trip pp. $22 per person for the day pass. Must have a credit card for bar drinks which avg around $10 to $12. Worth it! Will def do it again! FYI... taxi driver will try to talk you out of this because they get kick backs for taking you to other beaches. Just don’t listen to them. Have fun!

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