Why is "Cruise Critic" a racist company?

Reading the reviews on Cruise Critic, I see that John Deiner has written quite a bit regarding NCL. My question however, is regarding the Community boards of Cruise Critic of which until recently I was a contributing member. However, it appears that I upset somebody as they did not understand English Northern humour and I have now been permanently banned from the forums. Despite apologising to Laura Sterling and her colleagues on more than one occasion, nobody has advised me of the real reason why they banned me. I do suspect the company is racist against Englishmen. My e-mails are now totally ignored which is a disgrace and would not be allowed to happen in England.

The vindictiveness of the people who run Cruise critic and their rudeness in not responding is staggering. Would it be too difficult to see me re-instated? I wonder.?

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First off, Welcome to Cruiseline.com. I had also been a member of CC for many years yet over the years, they seem to have become too political. I don't know how many times I posted a question about an upcoming cruise just to be blasted for not researching their site for the information. Answers such as "Get your head out of your A** because that has been asked and answered many times. Go find it". As you know, CC has many years of posts and reviews that are outdated. When I am asking a question about a ship or cruise line, I am asking for CURRENT information and not info from 5 to 7 years ago!! After being treated the way you were, why would you even want to be re-instated?? It's THEIR loss, not yours. You found a new home here on Cruiseline.com . The site continues to grow immensely with great added features, links and an abundance of information from not only the site itself, but from experienced veteran cruisers themselves. Forget CC, I'm sure they have already forgotten of you seeing they don't even have the common decency to allow you to appeal your expulsion from their site. I became a member here soon after it's inception and from the staff on down the membership line, you'll find Cruiseline to be where you would like to be when it comes to cruising!! Welcome aboard! Bon Voyage... :)

Thanks Tim for your very well written post and your comments. As you say, some of the posters on Cruise Critic are less than helpful, and I do hope that Cruiseline can be found to be useful in cruising issues

You'll be happy here. Moderators have a no toleration approach to slamming, hate speak and people who join only to troll. So if you like calm, cool, collect, comfortable and warm, your in the right place! HEY...those definitions sound like being on a cruise!!! Bon Voyage..... :D

Sorry to hear you got cross ways with C.C. I use their threads myself and can see how there might be a short fuse knee jerk reaction to someone criticizing them. You will be much happier here, welcome aboard.

Actually, I began using Cruiseline some years ago but only for an occasional cruise review. It wasn't until a couple of years ago when C.C.s review site was all screwed up, at least for my computers it was, that I began to focus on how much better and comprehensive Cruiseline's review format was, particularly with regard to cruise photos.

Anyway, CrusinTim's experience with some C.C. posters reminds me of one similar experience. Due to suggestions by a couple of cruising friends that Oceania Cruises was a line I might like I decided to look into them since their sister line is Regent, one we use sometimes. I first ordered one of their brochures, but before it got here I got to looking at their website. We like Regent's concierge suites, which are very large but don't require that you pay for a butler to get one (Regarding butlers, been there done that, once, besides being expensive it is a pain to have them continually knocking on the door, the cabin stewards do just fine.) Looking for something similar with Oceania I discovered that their most desirable cabins required butler service.

So, on their website, it appeared to me that the next best cabins to the butler ones did not have refrigerators in them (As it turned out they do, but their website was very convoluted and confusing to read, leading one to determine they didn't have refrigerators in those cabins and I read it carefully. When my brochure finally arrived it was much better written and cleared up that question.) However, in the meantime, before my brochure got here I posted on C.C.s Oceania forum asking that question. I was really taken back by the responses. None of the posters really tried to help, instead, sort of like what CrusinTim ran into, at least 4 posters accused me of being "one of those" who just look at the "pretty pictures" and don't or can't read.

I asked two other questions, one was about room service for the cabins below the butler, turns out the only service provided in them is for a continental breakfast, cold, nothing hot. What I got was confusion and lengthy diatribes about how one doesn't really need to have meals served to them in their cabins or on the balcony. But if one does want that, a butler should be required in addition to the steward in order to handle such (That is bunk as we have had dinner champagne balcony service on Princess, that is out of this world, what a bunch of crud to contend that you need a butler for such.). Next I mentioned I don't care for the butlers since they drive me nuts and would really like to get one of their smaller suites and not have the butler. I got all sorts of antagonistic responses to that one, mainly from those who like butlers.

Anyway, I was so soured on C.C.'s Oceania posters I never want to be on a vessel with their ilk, so I quit considering Oceania. Besides, their cabins are miniscule with very limited cabin meal service, compared to Regent, HAL and Princess, unless of course you are in the market for a "butler".

I appreciate your reply. It does seem that I am not the only person who finds Cruise Critic to be not very helpful.

Ahoy Ewoodspark,

Welcome to the site. I can't comment on what is going on at CC because after observing a few rather terse exchanges I realized it was not the site for me. A site that is supposed to be a resource that touts itself as "the leading cruise review and information site" should be ashamed of the way in which some people habitually respond to newcomer questions.

By and large, I think the frequent contributors that I am familiar with here try to answer questions in an informative manner and often point out resources for individuals to do their own research. Bottomline is that we are adults and so are responsible to learn the ins and outs through due diligence. I never expect people to distribute nuggets of useful information to me on a silver platter... however, I do want to get helpful responses to sincere questions.

Happy sails!

Welcome to Cruiseline,com. We are happy to have you join us, over all we are a nice bunch and try to be helpful and have fun. We do go off topic from time to time, but it is all in good fun. I have noticed that we do not have the nasty back biting back and forth that the "Critics" do.

I hope you enjoy you time here and look forward to your contributions.

From what I've seen of CC, which isn't much, they tend to be cliquish idiots. Wouldn't know a Monty Python reference if someone ordered SPAM,SPAM,SPAM,EGGS & SPAM for breakfast on a Carnival cruise.

Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely Spam! wonderful Spam! Wink I said we went off topic for fun sometimes.

No, we never go off topic hereBig Smile

Welcome to CruiseLine. I too have turned my back on that *other* site due to the rudeness of many of the posters. I do still lurk there, but rarely post.

I find this site much friendlier. Even though we don't always agree, it is always settled with a (virtual) handshake.

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