Just read a posting where the reviewer stated that there was no soap in the stateroom on an NCL ship.  The steward had to sneak in a bar. He cautioned them not to say anything because the soap was only  for the suites.  So let me get this straight, you spend $1000 a night to take a cruise and now they no longer give you a small bar of soap even?  This has not happened to me, but I have been on cruises where there was no shampoo or conditioner.  My sister was in a stateroom right next to mine. We received the bath amenities but she did not.  We had the same cabin steward.  She thought that it was an oversight.  After two days she mentioned it to the steward and he told her that since this was her first cruise on RCCL, she had to request them.  What? 

On a short cruise, this is not so much a problem but say you are on a 115 day cruise.  Can you imagine having to tote on a airplane a big bottle of shampoo, conditioner and soap? This is getting ridiculous. 

I sometimes read postings by a Carnival staffer asking if we use the bath amenities.  If the answers were negative, I guess that he planned to suggest eliminating them to save the company money.  The answers were mainly positive however. On Carnival, these amenities are mainly donations for companies anyway.   

How do you feel about ships not supplying a bar of soap or shampoo/conditioner? When we read about the norovirus on ships, it is hard to believe that there would not be a bar of soap in every stateroom.