Hello all,

This will be my first cruise experience, but just as I am excited, I have many questions that my travel agent couldn't really answer! I am single and going with a buddy of mine. We will be on the Pacific Princess (Princess Cruises) 5/19 to 5/25. it goes from Vancouver BC to Alaska via the inner passage. I hear it's the beginning of whale watching season as well as just plain beautiful!

i do have some day excursions in the ports of call I've signed up for (Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway). I'm also going to be in Vancouver BC a few days prior to the cruise to sightsee.

Can anyone tell me what there is to do for single guys to do on the ship? I don't gamble, so other than the bar inside the casino, I'm probably not going to be in there much. Also, I'm not going to get drunk or be a lush, for two reasons - I believe you have to pay for all the alcohol yourself (not included in the cruise price) and I'm also not a heavy drinker anyway. 

Thanks in advance - the Pacific Princess is a smaller ship, it is about 670 feet long and carries about 650 passengers.