It is up to the discretion of the Captain and the recommendation of the ships doctor to make a call for an evacuation at sea, to head to the nearest port without delay or to continue to the next port of call. Not sure how severe the health of your Father was on board after his heart attack. Was he stabilized and coherent? If the ships doctor felt his condition wasn't dire, he would recommend to the Captain to continue on. Now, the woman that fell, did she break a toe or did she crack her head open? If her fall caused her to be incoherent or her health to be dire due to her fall or for what have may caused her to fall (existing condition), then the doctor would make the recommendation for the Captain to have the ship either request an at sea evac or alter course to the nearest port for the health of the passenger. Without elaborating on the condition of your Father or the woman that fell, you leave an opinion open to interpretation. You did or will receive a refund for the port fees & taxes of the missed port(s) so check your folio. They will most likely NOT compensate anyone for the change due to an ill passenger (read your contract). And 2 outlets per cabin is the norm and with 4 - 6 cruises, you should know that! Your cabin was too far forward? Unless you booked guarantee, you should have know that when booking. If you did book guarantee, that's the chance you take. Their decision to change the itinerary was NOT monetary, it was for the health of a fellow passenger.