Please try to understand that the fault lies with the port and not the cruise line. When we sailed from Ft. Lauderdale last April, we also requested a wheelchair for my wife at the port. There was none. We had to sit with all the others that requested wheelchairs and there was no system in place like numbers or a sign-up sheet. Many people jumped the line claiming their issues were worse than the others. Once we got a wheelchair, it was a port employee that rolled her to the check-in counter and then a member of the crew that, after changing wheelchairs, rolled her up to our cabin. So as you see, from the curbside it is the ports job and from the gangway onboard the cruise line takes over. The other caretaker was COMPLETELY wrong to blame the travel agent as all they can do is request the chair and the rest is up to the port and ship to do the rest. Maybe next time, to avoid issues, you can bring your own wheelchair until you get up to the scooter at your cabin. You may also want to consider a larger cabin than an inside if your sisters disability keeps her confined to the wheelchair most of the time.